How To View Your Page’s Activity Log On Facebook

Do you want to know How to view your page’s activity log on Facebook? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page. This post will guide you on how to successfully view your pages activity log on Facebook. All you need to do as always is to continue with the content of this post from the beginning to the end.

How To View Your Page’s Activity Log On Facebook

How To View Your Page’s Activity Log On Facebook

Your Facebook activity log is one of the most important aspects of the Facebook social media platform. It is quite unfortunate that most people on the platform do not know about this. The Facebook activity log feature on the social media platform is a place where you will find all your activities on the platform for free.

Your pages activity log on Facebook helps you to easily and effectively manage the timeline of your page on the platform. This very feature also shows a list to you of all the posts and comments made by your page and this is inclusive of the posts that you have hidden but not the ones that you have deleted. Also, you should know that only the people that help manage your page on Facebook can have access to and can see your page’s activity log.

What You Can Do On the Facebook Activity Log

One thing is accessing the activity log on Facebook in regards to your page. Another thing is to know what to do about it, and this is easy. The activity log on Facebook is a simple page with a simple function. I bet when you visit this page, you will know what to do on it, as everything is laid bare and self-explanatory.

On your Facebook pages activity log, you can hide or allow posts on your page. also, you can delete posts or comments on your page, amongst many other things. It is that simple and easy, trust me.

What You Need To Access Facebook Pages Activity Log

On this matter, you really do not need much. All you need to access this feature is a Facebook page and a registered Facebook account. If you do not have any of these two in place, you cannot view the Facebook pages activity log, and it is that simple. To create a free Facebook account, go to on the web or download the Facebook mobile app.

Steps to View Your Pages Activity Log On Facebook

To view your activity log on Facebook, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Facebook and click on the pages icon and option in the left menu from your newsfeed
  • Next, go to your page and click on Settings in the left-hand menu
  • Click on the activity log button in the left column

That’s it! the activity log of your page can be viewed by login into your Facebook pages manager if you wish to access it via mobile. Or you can access it by logging in to Facebook from a computer.


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