How to Use Freeform on iPhone and iPad

Are you interested in How to Use Freeform on iPhone, and iPad? With tons of people working from home, different offices, and generally wherever they feel is the best for them to work, sometimes getting things done with others can turn out to be difficult. Thankfully, like a lot of things in life, the software carries the answer.

How to Use Freeform on iPhone and iPad

The answer here is the Freeform app. Freeform remains available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs alongside the iOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1 onwards, and it was built to be an endless whiteboard that can hold just about anything.

And this is mainly because it was built to work with Freeform plays nicely with others making it easier to get stuff done with your coworkers even when they are located in a different part of the world. But just like any of the new app, Freeform can turn out to be daunting. Not because it is hard or complicated to make use of. But because it is so unstructured by design.

What is Freeform in iPhone?

What is Freeform? Freeform happens to be Apple’s take on a whiteboard app that comes pre-installed in macOS Ventura 13.1, iOS 16.2, and iPad 16.2. in the app, you get to create boards using an endless blank canvas extending as far as you like in all directions.

How To Use Freeform

Making use of Freeform on your iPhone and iPad is an amazing way for you to get your ideas right onto a digital canvas, mainly because the two apps are two sides of the same coin. The two of them work similarly. The only difference here is? Your Freeform supports the Apple Pencil on your iPad. Also, it is all about making use of your finger-painting skills on the iPhone, unfortunately.

Insert Shapes, Text, and More

Making use of a new Freeform page you would want to get started. Freeform would allow you to insert several various shapes and arrows, not to talk about objects, animals, symbols, and many more. Tap on the “shapes button” to begin.

After that tap on category on the next screen to choose the one that you would like to choose from and then tap the object or shape or you choose to have it inserted. You can choose to drag the object around using your finger and resize it at will once it is on the page. If you prefer to insert a photo from your iPhone or your iPad? Tap on the picture icon and then insert something from the Photos or files app.

Tap on the text button located at the bottom of the screen to insert a text box and then double-tap on it in order to enter your text. Basic text formatting options would be made available on the same screen should you want to become creative. Tap “Done” when you are done entering your text.

Also, you can choose to add text inside a sticky note – something that could turn out to be useful if you want to leave a note for someone. “Tap” the “sticky note icon” in other to insert a note and then move it wherever you would like it to be.

Get Creative and Draw Freehand

While inserting predefined shapes is great and can be extremely useful, there are times when all you need to do is draw your ideas to convey them. That’s simple on the iPhone, and thanks to support for the Apple Pencil, it’s even better on the iPad.

To get started, you can use your finger to draw your ideas on your iPhone by tapping the pen icon. The on-screen options let you change the size of the lines you draw and other aspects of your artwork.

Using your Apple Pencil to begin drawing or handwriting is even simpler on your iPad. You have the same controls for controlling things like the transparency of your lines, but the Apple Pencil in your hand gives you more control.

Work Collaboratively

The fact that you can scribble on Freeform’s never-ending canvas with your coworkers, regardless of where they are, is what makes it so appealing.

It’s simple to share your Freeform page. After tapping the person, you want to work with, tap the Share button. Your Freeform page can be edited simultaneously by everyone who is included.


Has Freeform app appeared on iPhone?

Freeform offers a flexible canvas across iPhone, iPad, and Mac – offering conversation is an all into one place. Freeform is an all-new app that has been available, including in the last versions of iOS, macOS, and iPadOS.

What Devices Support Freeform?

  • iOS: iOS 11 or higher.
  • Apple TV: 4th Generation or newer, tvOS 12.0 or higher.
  • Android: Android 5.0 or later.
  • Fire TV: FireOS 5 or later.
  • Android TV: Android 5.0 or later.
  • Roku: Roku OS 7.5 or later.
  • Tizen: Tizen 2.3 or later.

What is Freeform window mode?

However, Android Nougat has a third multi-window mode that not many people are aware of, the mode of a freeform window. Android apps can be displayed as floating windows that can be moved and resized by the user at will in this mode. It is basically Android’s stacking window manager implementation.

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