How to Use Discord on PS5

Are you interested in How to Use Discord on PS5? Discord Enabled you to integrate 12 services using your profile. Spotify, Twitch, and Steam happen to be the more popular platforms that you can connect to Discord, but since early 2022, Discord offers support integration with your PlayStation Network account.

How to Use Discord on PS5

How to Use Discord on the PS5

This integration announcement came out as part of Discord’s two-year-old partnership with Sony. Once linked up, your current gameplay activity and PSN ID would pop up on your Discord Profile. To make the partnership even better, Discord has decided to roll out voice chat on PS5.

At the moment, the feature remains in beta and is being tested on PS5. It works properly like the discord voice chat available on any other device, except that you can make use of the mic inside your Dual Sense controller to talk to your friends that can join on their PC, console, or mobile.

Discord is not standalone on the PS5 console, so you would be required to transfer the call from the app on your phone or PC. Once transferred, you should be able to mute, change the volume, leave the conversation, and then see a list of all joined members that is on the screen of your PlayStation.

How to get your PS5 Ready for Discord Voice

You must become a PlayStation beta tester before you can begin. You would need to sign up for the PlayStation 5 System Software Beta program in order to accomplish that, and PlayStation will send you an email with a code to use to install the beta software on your PS5. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Beta program, and you must provide feedback as you test the software. If you are eligible, sign up for the PlayStation beta program.

After that, make sure to use the code you got in the email to update your PS5 with the beta software. Simply connect your Discord account to your PlayStation Network account from that point forward, and you’ll be ready to send voice chats to PS5.

In other to connect your PlayStation 5 with discord, follow the steps stated below:

  • Launch Settings > Users and Accounts > linked services on your PS5
  • Select “Discord” from the available services

Your PS5 will show you a screen that carries a QR code, an eight-digit code, and a button to open the PlayStation internet browser. You can choose to either scan the QR code or log in via the PS5 browse.

  • Launch the camera app that is available on your phone
  • Scan the QR code
  • After that, you would be directed to the Discord website where you would enter the displayed eight-digit code where asked.

How to Use Discord Voice on PS5

Your PlayStation is now linked directly to your discord account, which still carries some standard functionality in standard PS5 builds. You might be required to relink Discord and PlayStation to grant the permissions required to make Discord voice work.

You can choose to simply verify the integration by clicking on your Profile. This should show your current game or your PS Network ID. Then, join the voice chat on your desktop or phone in other to hand it off to the PlayStation 5.

If you are making use of your mobile device:

  • Swipe up on the Discord voice menu
  • Then select “join on PlayStation.”

For Desktop

  • First, locate the tiny icon with the game controller and mobile hovering in the corner and select it.
  • Select “Transfer of PlayStation.”

A voice chat would be displayed on your console featuring voice controls, a list of members and their devices, as well as a button for you to exit the chat.

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