How to take the US Postal Experience Survey

If you have used the service of the USA Postal service, then you are eligible to take part in the Postal experience customer satisfaction survey.

How to Take the USA Postal Experience Survey
How to Take the USA Postal Experience Survey

With this survey, the team wants to know the satisfaction levels of their customers and how to improve their products and services.

US Postal Experience

The US Postal Service Customer Experience Survey, available at, is an online customer survey provided by the US Postal Service that assists them in determining how satisfied their customers are. The survey results are then used by the company to make a variety of improvements. For your convenience, this survey is conducted online.

Providing feedback is critical for both you and the company. The company relies on your feedback to determine what needs to be changed to improve customer experiences. It also tells them what works well so they don’t have to focus as much on those. Your responses are critical in assisting the US Postal Service in improving services in your area.

The US Postal Service

The United States Postal Service, as an official government agency, is less than 50 years old. However, it has existed in some form or another for over two centuries. The Postal Service employs over 600,000 people. In addition, USPS currently controls a fleet of 200,000 vehicles and thousands of facilities.

Of course, the Postal Service is responsible for delivering mail to Americans all over the country. Every day, millions of letters and packages pass through the agency’s hands. Americans rely on the Postal Service to deliver their mail. Other parcel carriers are putting pressure on the USPS these days.

Rules and Regulations of the Postal Experience Survey

The rules and regulations guiding this survey include;

  • You must have access to a computer and an internet connection.
  • You must be able to read and understand the English language.
  • All intending partakers of this survey must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Finally, you must have your U.S. postal service receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.

Requirements for the Postal Service Survey

To take this survey, you must have the following;

  • An internet-enabled device
  • A very good internet connection
  • Your most recent receipt
  • The willingness to say only the truth about your experience with the US postal service.

How to Take the US Postal Experience Survey

Taking this survey is very easy. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below;

  • Go to the official website for this survey,
  • After that, you will be required to select your preferred language by clicking on the radio button. Then, click on your preferred language to continue.
  • After that, you will be required to read the instructions given above the diagram and enter your zip code and +4 code. This code will be located at the top of your receipt below the post office location address.
  • After doing that, you can click the start button to begin the survey properly.
  • Now, enter the date of your transaction. This will be located at the top of your receipt.
  • After that, enter the time written on the receipt.
  • You will then be required to answer questions according to how satisfied you were with your encounter with the U.S. postal service and how long you waited in line.
  • You will then be provided with a space where you can enter your specific comments. After that, click “finish questionnaire” when you are done.

How the US Postal Service Uses Survey results

Businesses are concerned about their customer’s experiences with products/services. Why? Customers who are pleased with their services are more likely to do business with them again, and they will also tell their friends about the company. Word-of-mouth marketing can be extremely valuable.

Surveys are an excellent way to gauge customer satisfaction.

What are they going to do with all of the feedback they have gathered?

  • They look for patterns in data
  • They receive both positive and negative feedback
  • Perform further research
  • And improve services to better suit the customers.

USPS Customer Service

If you have an issue trying to take this survey, you can contact the customer service of the US postal service to tender your complaints. You can find their phone numbers on their main website, or

Frequently Asked Questions

Does USPS have a Survey?

Yes, they do. All the visitors of can complete a survey to measure their satisfaction levels with the website.

Are USPS Surveys Anonymous?

Yes, All USPS surveys are strictly confidential. This means that your information will not be revealed to anyone.

Is USPS Postal Experience Survey Legit?

Yes of course. However, the unexpected text from the Postal service, Costco, or Home Depot telling people about an unclaimed package is not from them.



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