How to Migrate to Webmail TELUS – Everything You Need to Know

Do you know How to Migrate to Webmail TELUS? If you don’t know, would you love to know how? If your answer is YES, then you are on the right page.

How to Migrate to Webmail TELUS

Everything that you need to know in regards to a successful migration will be shared in the course of this post. So do well to continue reading the content of this post from the start to the finish.

How to Migrate to Webmail TELUS

TELUS is now migrating all of its customers to an upgraded emailing service platform. TELUS  is partnering with Google to make the email services to its customers more secure, reliable, and powerful.

And in this post, I will be guiding users and directing them on the necessary steps needed in migrating successfully. But before that, there are a couple of things that you need to know firstly in regards to the TELUS email migration.

In the latter parts of this post, what you need to know about the TELUS email migration will be shared. And now with that being said, follow the steps below to successfully migrate to webmail TELUS;

That’s it!

What you Need to Know About TELUS Email Migration

In order to provide its customers with the best of services, TELUS is now in the process of transitioning all of its existing TELUS email accounts to a much better platform that is powered by Google. The transition however will require users to take action and this will also mean a huge change in how users get access to their TELUS email accounts today.

Users should however note that their data will remain under the governance of TELUS’ stringent privacy protocols. You will not be getting ads on your email with TELUS email and users will get continued support from the TELUS platform.

The mail address of users ending in or will not change and all your emails will be migrated and this is including pictures and attachments, calendars, contacts, events, and even alternative email accounts.

Immediately after your email account by TELUS has been migrated, you will start benefiting from the increased reliability through a globally-available cloud-based platform, enhanced security, and a whopping 15GB of storage space which is three times the current storage capacity.

The Google platform that users will be migrating to is the enterprise-grade G suite platform which is trusted by world governments, leading businesses, universities all over the world, and also TELUS. Customers however are not being migrated to the publicly available Gmail product and data remains under the governance of TELUS’s stringent privacy protocols and also in line with the TELUS privacy management program.


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