Android Dating Apps – Best Android Dating Apps in 2022

You should get to see some of the best Android Dating Apps for singles. There are over thousands of dating platforms, but not all these apps are a hundred percent legit. While others are pay to use services.

Android Dating Apps

Some individuals are basically shy on a face-to-face dating conversation, or maybe not courageous. That’s why you should have to access the very best Android Dating Apps today.

Read more on this article if you’re keen to find a date on social media. I will be providing some of the best dating apps you can access on the internet today. Remember this is strictly based on Android users only.

Android Dating Apps

Due to several physical dating failures, technology has helped in a way an individual can express their feelings on a platform. Android developers have worked out some outstanding Android Dating Apps.

I will be detailing some of the very best Android Dating Apps you can get to access. So carefully read through this article to get the very best of it.

Best Android Dating Apps


Over time, Tinder has proven to be one of the most effective dating apps among singles searching for a date. It is a result of the number of subscribers and matches made.

The platform is predicated on swiping decision premise. To match, your selected person would also have to swipe right to accept you, making it a kind of friend request program.

However, to equitably get noticed by the person you swiped right for, you may possibly swipe up for a LIKE. Although this usually requires you to subscribe for a VIP slot called Tinder Plus.

This VIP slot is practically subdivided into packages of 6-months to 12 months. There’s also another feature called Tinder Boost. And this makes your profile rank first-in-line in your location a few times.


This is another great Android Dating Apps to get singles living close to you. Lovoo assists users to find a date match near you, chat and go for a date.

On this platform, users will be able to discover singles through these Android Dating Apps.


This platform helps users to instantly meet other users worldwide. It features a broadcast option that lets users express themselves and feel loved.

Skout has millions of users connecting and operating on its service. There are also amazing features that lets users increase the chance of finding friends and chatting.


It is an Android Dating Apps that assists users to meet new users sharing the same interests and who want to chat. The platform is fun, friendly, and free to download and access.

It features video chatting, messaging, streaming, and making new friends each day. There are no limited features as users of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds can join.


This platform pride itself among the most influential Android Dating Apps available in the world today. It is perfect for every kind of dating ranging from Asian, Petite, Blonde, etc.

Badoo platform is one of the world’s largest dating apps with thousands of users already in it. You can get this app on both iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

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