How to Measure Distance with Google Maps – On PC and Mobile Devices

Here is How to Measure Distance with Google Maps. Google Maps over the years has gotten incredibly useful. It can warm you about toll road charges, offers live updates concerning the area around you, and even measure the distance between places for you.

How to Measure Distance with Google Maps

The last tool is a bit tricky to locate, so you would be excused for not realizing Google Maps was capable of it. We are here to offer you details on how to measure the distance between places making use of Google Maps, whether you are making use of a PC or a smartphone. It’s super easy to do it once you know how; you would take your measurement in just some minutes.

How to Measure Distance with Google Maps

The steps below would aid on how to measure distance using Google Maps. The process is quite easy, so follow the steps accordingly:


If you are making use of a PC, you would be required to open up Google Maps web page and use the search bar to search for your starting location. Once you have located the right place, right-click on it and a drop-down menu should pop up.

At the bottom of this menu, you would see an option to measure distance. Select it and choose another point on the map that you would like to measure the distance to. You should find a small box at the bottom of your screen. In our case, this should tell us that there are 3.71km, or 2.31 miles, between our London office and the British museum if you travel between them in a straight line.

If the point that you are measuring needs readjustment, then click and hold the white dot on either end of the line and then drag it to a new location. Alternatively, you get to click on a different point and then create a path that travels between multiple locations.

On iPhone or Android Devices

If you want to do this on an iPhone or Android Smartphone, launch the Google maps app. Touch and hold the point that is not a place name, or location icon, and a red pin should appear where you touched. Tap on it and a menu would pop up displaying the measured distance near the top.

A dotted blue line and an icon would appear. By dragging this map around, you can place this icon at a second location to find out the distance between the two points on your map. Much like on a PC, you get to add more points on your journey to create a path that measures the distance between different locations.

In other to take out an erroneous place point, just tap on the Undo button. Tap on the three vertical dots to open the menu and choose clear. This would get rid of all the points that have been placed by you.

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