Google Updates – Update Google Chrome

The Google Updates are about 12 new features focused on Maps, Google Photos, and other Google apps. This year, Google has prepared some upcoming features to be rolled out accessible for users this year 2021.

Google Updates

Google has held out its biggest event this year. This event was the Google I/O 2021 that was held from the 18th to 20th of May. It was held as an online-only event, due to the covid pandemic.

If you are a Google user, then you must want to know what to expect from it. Read on this article to learn about all the Upcoming Google Features and Google Updates.

Google Updates

During this event, Google announced a series of new features coming to all of its products. So, there are more to be expected from Google Maps, Photos, Lens, Android, and Google search.

These features will not only upgrade the user experience but will also change the way users access some of the products. Below are some of the features coming to its services and products in 2021.

Upcoming Google Features

Let’s begin to detail out some of the Google Features and Updates you should expect this year:

Cinematic Moments

This allows users to create animated photos from still shots on Google Photos. It will add support for computational photography to make animations from still images.

This process will use neural networks to synthesis the movement between the same identical photos. Then fill the gap with new frames to make a vivid moving image.

Google Lens on Screenshots

This feature will soon be made available. Google is aiming to add this feature and then deliver search results of where to buy an item from.

You just have to screenshot the item, then Google will automatically show to you retails you can get the product from.

Built-in Remote Control

This effect has been on the lips of most users and over the internet lately. Google aims to enable an in-built remote control on Androids with a later OS.

This will be effective on Android TV OS devices, including Google TV. Users will be able to control their TVs from their Android phones.

Digital Car Key

This effect allows unlocking of Android Auto-enabled cars with your phone. The Google Digital Key feature will be released to Android 12 and will allow users to lock or unlock and start a car with their phone.

This will first come to some Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. And Google is working first with BMW and later with other cars.

Google Update Algorithm

Here are some of Google’s other upcoming features:

  • Google Maps to show ‘safe’ routes.
  • See details about the shops through Live View on Google Maps.
  • Google to help you create strong passwords.
  • See new Memories on Google Photos.
  • Change hacked or leaked passwords in Google Chrome.
  • Google Photos to get a password-protected folder.
  • Get customized recommendations on Google Maps on the basis of time of the day.
  • Google search: Option to automatically delete the last 15 minutes of your browsing history.

So, if you are a dedicated Google user then you should expect to get this coming at you really soon.


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