Halo Infinite New Maps for Season 2

Halo Infinite New Maps for Season 2 would really impress you. Halo’s sixth mainline in the series “Halo Infinite,” has made its component widely available for free on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on the 15th of November 2021.

Halo Infinite New Maps for Season 2

However, in the five months that encompasses its first multiplayer season since the release, it has gotten the sci-fi shooter and has been received with some mixed reactions right through the gaming community, due in part to a relatively limited amount of content to add to what some have titled an unfairly steep season 1 reward curve.

Halo Infinite New Maps for Season 2

It seems like the upcoming “Halo Infinite” Season 2, given the title “Lone Wolves,” would try to address a handful of these problems by introducing at least two interesting new maps and three new modes when it launches on the 3 of May.

Initially teased on the 8 of April in a short 30-second trailer that shows off some short gameplay blips, gamers could actually get a feel for the visual style that developer 343 industries are heading for. Well, on that note, it seems like the new season rewards would be reflecting the aesthetic evoked by the title of the season since some of the armor outfits are kind of scrappier in appearance than those that were featured in season 1.

Recently, 343 industries launched a new trailer that shows off the upcoming maps that would be featured in season 2. The map encompasses two and half a minute of new footage. These two new maps, catalyst, and Breaker seem like they would be filling in some specific niches of gameplay that happens to have been overlooked in “Halo Infinite’s” existing 10 maps.

Halo Infinite Catalyst and Breaker Maps Broken Down

Breaker Map

The two new maps in the game are titled Breaker and Catalyst, and they would be added when the season 2 update kicks off on May 3. Breaker seems to look more like a set of “Banished shipbreaking yards.” The map seems to be underpinned by a river of molten lava that connects the map down the center. All those that got disappointed by the lack of Big Team Battle-capable maps, it seems more like breaker was built to accommodate the 12v12 mode.

Also, it seems like there would be quite a bit of platforming involved. Seeing as the map has been littered with vertical structures bearing down on corridors and platforms several levels below, a lot of wiggle room could be available for the king of the Hill-Style Shootouts. This is why it does not hit us as a surprise when the king of the Hill mode got announced for season 2 since the map has been likely designed around it.

Catalyst Map

The other new map given the name Catalyst makes it looks like 343 is making a deliberate throwback to a few classic maps from “Halo 3.” As a matter of fact, catalyst looks more like a cross between the Epitaph and Guardian maps from the aforementioned “Halo” Game.

The tighter scale of the map seems more like it was meant to support slayer-style deathmatches and other game types that involve short skirmishes rather than large firefights. It seems like the hub of one of season 2’s rumored modes, last spartan standing, that was leaked earlier in the month.


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