How to Get Free Hotel Stays

Imagine spending quality time in a luxurious hotel, relishing the finest amenities, and waking up to breathtaking views—all without spending a dime. Sounds great, right? If you have ever had the chance to get a free luxurious hotel stay, you will bear testimony to how nice it can be.

How to Get Free Hotel Stays
How to Get Free Hotel Stays

Whether you’re a budget traveller, a savvy rewards collector, or someone simply looking for ways to spend time away from home for free, getting free hotel stays can be great. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about enhancing your travel experience, exploring new things, and creating unforgettable memories. If you wish to get hotel stays, follow the tips in this guide, it will show you how to get free hotel stays.

How to Get Free Hotel Stays

Hotels offer free stays through various methods, including loyalty programs, credit card rewards, travel hacking, and volunteering. You can tap into these opportunities, and enjoy complimentary accommodation while exploring your dream destinations without paying a penny. Want to get started? Start by enrolling in hotel loyalty programs.

Enroll in hotel loyalty programs

Many hotel chains have loyalty programs that reward frequent guests. Sign up for these programs to earn points for every stay. Accumulate these points and redeem them for free nights.

Additionally, loyalty members often enjoy exclusive perks such as room upgrades, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast. Take advantage of these offers or accumulate them and redeem them when your points have gone up.

Maximize credit card rewards

Some credit card issuers offer excellent travel rewards, including free hotel stays and free flights. They do it as a way to appreciate their customers for their loyalty.

Look for credit cards that offer sign-up bonuses, cashback, or travel points. Accumulate these rewards and use them to book your hotel stays without spending a dime. Make sure you compare different credit card options to find the one whose bonus suits your travel goals.

Take advantage of promos

Just like in travel hacking where you strategically collect and use rewards points and miles to travel for free. This technique can also be applied to hotel stays. You can use this strategy to find hidden deals (you can search online), utilize reward programs, and stay updated on promotions.

Use websites and forums dedicated to free hotel stay promos as sources of information to help you know when free hotel stay promos are on.

Volunteer and trade your skills for free accommodation

Several platforms connect travelers with hosts looking for assistance in exchange for free accommodation. Engage in volunteering opportunities or offer your skills in areas like photography, language tutoring, or social media management.

In return, hosts provide you with a free place to stay. This not only saves money but also allows you to connect with locals and enjoy their culture.

House Sitting

House sitting is a fantastic way to get free hotel stays while homeowners are away. Numerous websites connect house sitters with homeowners seeking reliable individuals to look after their homes and pets. By house-sitting, you not only enjoy a comfortable stay but also gain a sense of responsibility and build connections.

Leverage travel rewards platforms

Several online platforms are designed to simplify the process of earning and redeeming travel and hotel stay rewards. These platforms aggregate information from various loyalty programs, credit card offers, accommodation, and travel deals.

You can use them to your advantage, monitor your rewards on the platform, and find the best deals on hotel stays.

Use offers from third-party booking sites

One of the simplest ways to get free hotel stays is by keeping an eye out for special offers on third-party booking websites. These websites often have exclusive deals and discounts that can make your hotel stay significantly cheaper or even free.

You can compare prices and look for promotions on these platforms, and from there, you can find great deals that might include free hotel stays.

Through online shopping portals

Did you know that you can earn points for your hotel stay by doing something as ordinary as shopping online? Many hotels and travel reward programs have partnerships with online shopping portals.

When you make purchases through these portals, you accumulate points that can later be used for free hotel stays. It’s a win-win situation – you get what you need, and in return, you earn points that can get you free hotel stays.

You can participate in referral programs.

Referral programs are another fantastic way to get free hotel stays. Many hotels and booking platforms offer referral bonuses to their customers. When you refer friends, family, or even fellow travellers to book through a specific website or stay at a particular hotel, you can earn credits or points. As these credits accumulate, you can redeem them for free nights at hotels.


If you want to get free hotel stays, you should be open to monitoring platforms that list deals from different homes and hotels just like travel deals. Whether you prefer loyalty programs, credit card rewards, promo hacking, volunteering, or house sitting, any of these methods can help you secure free hotel stays



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