How to Get Credits on Audible

How to get credits on audible? Have you been having difficulty in buying extra credits on Audible? Well if this is the case with you then you are in luck. Fortunately for you, this post is all about getting extra credits on audible. And I will be making it simple and short as possible for easier assimilation.

How to Get Credits on Audible

How to Get Credits on Audible

Audible is the best at what it does, no doubt. But you also should know that not having credits n the platform is not a good thing as you will not be able to utilize the platform to the fullest of its potential. In general, credits are very important on Audidible and without one, you really cannot enjoy the platform as you should.

If it is that you have run out of credits on audible for your membership before it gets to your renewal, you can always buy new and extra credits. On the web platforms of audible, when you exhaust your credits in the platform before your renewal date, you will be given the option to purchase more credits. So it is very simple. And away from all that, there are things that will need to be in place first before you can buy more and additional credits on audible and they are;

  • You have been enrolled in a credit-bearing membership for 30 days at the least.
  • You have zero credits left on your available balance on your account.

That’s it! And once you have met the criteria above, you will then be able to buy additional credits even if it is that you are on a gift membership.

How to Buy Extra Credits On the Audible App

I have already explained how you can purchase extra audible credits on the web platform, so there is no need to highlight that. Anyways, the same thing applies on the mobile app, but if you have passed your renewal date and you do not get to see the renewal option, then you should follow the steps below o easily and successfully purchase audible credits on the mobile app;

  • Launch or open the Audible app on your mobile device and then log in to your account.
  • Next, you will have to tap on your profile which is located in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on the settings gear located in the top right corner.
  • Tap on the details tab.
  • Tap on Buy Now just under the Your Credits section.
  • Select a payment method and then tap on the 1-tap buy option.

That’s it! The credit will then be added to your account on audible immediately.

Can I Buy More Credits on Audible

Yes, you can. Just as mentioned already, if it is that you are running low on credits for your Audible Premium Plus monthly or annual membership just before your renewal date, then you will see a special offer occasionally where you can easily get three additional credits.

And in order to buy extra 3 credits in the platform, you also must be a paid Audible Premium Plus member for over 30 days and also have fewer than 2 credits available in your account. you however should know that Legacy memberships that were created prior to December 2005 and Plus memberships are not eligible for this very offer.



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