Amazon Kids: Checkout Best Amazon Kids Shows, Games, Premium Books, and More

Amazon has brought a new service feature titled Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+. It is a kid-friendly experience families love, now with more content and features added and designed just for kids. After the launch of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, there are over 20 million parents who have trusted Amazon to provide parental controls.

This service is required to provide a safe place for children to enjoy the premium books, games, shows, and movies that kids love. Now, Amazon FreeTime and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited are becoming Amazon Kids and Kids+. Read more on this article to get information about this Amazon Kids.

Amazon Kids

Amazon Kids

This has brought a commitment to invest in and expand kids’ experiences, which brings fun, educational content to children to kids and providing parental controls that give families peace of mind. This service offers more than 20,000 books, movies, Audible books, games, and Spanish-language content designed just for your kids.

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Amazon Kids+ Across Device

You can enjoy unlimited access to kid-friendly books, videos, apps, premium kids’ skills, and more across all of your compatible devices:

  • Amazon Fire.
  • Fire TV.
  • Echo.
  • Kindle.
  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • ChromeOS.

Features of Amazon Kids

Below are the accessible features offered by the Amazon Kid service:

  • Amazon Parent Dashboard: Parents can discover the book, videos, educational apps, audible books, and games kids enjoy through the Parent Dashboard. This also gives access to the kid’s activities and manages settings that include adding content from your personal library, setting daily time limits, modifying web browser behavior, pausing the device, and a lot more features.
  • Time Limits: Amazon Kids allow parents to set a daily time limit or restrict some categories while leaving unlimited time for reading.
  • Age Filters: This ensures that your child sees age-appropriate content within the service. Parents can also make adjustments to Age Filters setting to maintain and supervise the experience for each kid.
  • No Surprises: Kids don’t have access to social media and they also can’t make in-app purchases without parental approvals.
  • Learn First: Parents can block access to games and cartoons until after educational goals are met. The kid parent can also control when the service is shut down for the day, and this is for devices with the Bedtime feature enabled.
  • Individual Profiles: Parents can create about four individual child profiles and give each child selected access to videos, books, and others.

New Home Screen Experience

Amazon Kids now offers flexibility to make customization of the Amazon Fire tablet software experience, so it can grow with your child. The new home screen theme is recommended for kids eight and up, making it look like a grown-up tablet. With this, parents will be able to select it in profile settings under the section titles “Adjust Age Filters and Themes” in Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Alexa Device Control

If you have the Alexa device in your house, your kid will now be able to use their Fire tablet to broadcast messages in their voice to others in the house. Once this is enabled, just tap on the “Announce” icon on the homepage of the tablet to get it started. This requires parental consent.

More Videos and Music

With this feature, kids can now enjoy different new video titles hand-selected for children age 6-12. This also includes gaming playthrough videos and PG and live-action titles from popular brands and characters like the LEGO, Angry Birds, Transformers, Barbie, Carmen Sandiego, and lots more. The feature also added easy access to music stations from iHeartRadio Family directly on the Amazon Kids home screen of your kid’s Fire tablet.

This service is totally free to parents, while Amazon Kids+ subscriptions begin at a price of $2.99 per month for Amazon Prime members and $4.99 per month for customers who are not Prime members. The Amazon Kid+ subscription across any compatible device to access even more kid-friendly features. This includes age-appropriate books, Audible books, videos, educational apps, games, and skills. This content experience varies based on the devices being used.

How Amazon Kids+ Works

Here is how the Amazon Kids+ works:

  • Endless Fun for Kids: Users can explore the ever-growing library of books, apps, videos, audible books, skills, music, and more with Amazon Kid+ on compatible devices.
  • Parent Dashboard: Parents can visit the Amazon Parent Dashboard to remotely set their kid’s educational goals, time limits, pause a device, or view your child’s activity.
  • Use on Multiple Devices: The Amazon Kids+ is available on Fire, Android, iOS, Kindle, and compatible Echo devices. Users can connect all devices with one subscription.
  • Kid-Safe Browser: There is a Kid-friendly web browsing experience that keeps out inappropriate access by using the Kid+ expertise to curate tens of thousands of websites and videos.

Amazon Kids Plans

Here are the plans that can be subscribed on Amazon Kids+:

Amazon Kid+Single KidFamily of about four children
Monthly for Prime members$2.99 (Prime)$6.99 (Prime)
1-year pre-paid plan$99.00
1-year pre-paid for Prime members$69.00 (Prime)


With this information about the service offered by Amazon, you are fully prepared to get to use the Amazon Kid service for your kid.

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