Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021

Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021. McMaster University Canada is making an available educational grant for international students that are talented and wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering at the Canadian university. In the world of today, technology has taken over in the academic sector. If you wish to pursue a career in the engineering field and develop your technical skills, here’s a chance you have been waiting for, McMaster University in Canada is offering this rare opportunity to international students to offer them a scholarship grant. If you are interested in engineering apply now for the international engineering honor awards offered by McMaster University.

Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021

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Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021

McMaster University in Canada is making available educational grants to international students who are opportune to undertake an undergraduate program in engineering. The scholarship the institution is offering is one of the most eminent scholarships in the world at large, this scholarship is meant to create future leaders all around the globe who are committed to the development of the world, and improving people’s lives one of their priority. The institution also requires the applicant to apply for engineering course work, so after admission, the student that registered will be considered automatically for the bursary for the education. Open yourself to a fully-funded career in engineering.

About the McMaster University Canada

McMaster University is a public university known for intensive research in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The institution has vase acres of land. it was founded in the year 1881 the university has over 27,000 undergraduate and about 4,000 postgraduate students. Though the institution focused on undergraduate programs for a long period before finally in 1949 started postgraduate studies. The university is well equipped with standard and modern facilities to enhance the learning process, they also have intensive research facilities. The university has a quality library system with over 2.8 million articles downloaded during the 2016 academic year. The library houses over 1,274,265 paper books and 3,689,973 resources which includes microfilm, sound recordings, maps, and videos, the university contains contents that help to enhance research and academic interest. The institution has a residence that can comfortably house 3,685 students, the residence of the university even provides well-furnished apartments and a good residence system. The university has good study space, café, common areas, and well-equipped administrative departments. The institution is well known for its quality impartation of standard education that builds future leaders around the globe.

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Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021 Eligibility

The criteria for selecting scholars are as follows;

  • The scholarship is meant for students all over the globe.
  • Engineering must be a core in any field of study offered to the student by the university.
  • The average minimum required from the applicant is 88%.
  • Applicants must meet the requirements of the university in the English language.
  • There’s also a chance for free choice of course in year II if the applicant has a strong average in admission.
  • Applicants must also have to take admission to a bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline at the institution.

Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021 Entry Requirement

  • The requirements needed for you to apply are listed below;
  • Firstly, the university requires a transcript with final IB grades or its equivalent from your high school.
  • Then the applicant must submit the final IB of the results to the university for verification and advanced credit.
  • A letter of permission from the university in your home should be presented to the university.
  • A transcript from your high school should also be submitted.
  • Only applicants that submitted their application with the international office and registered on the scholarship website will be considered.

How to Apply for the Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021

You can apply via this link,

Engineering Honour Awards at McMaster University Canada 2021 Application Deadline

The closing date for the application is March 26, 2020.

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