How to Fix Windows 11 Defender Won’t Launch

Are you interested in How to Fix Windows 11 Defender won’t Launch? If your windows defenders are not opening or working well, this could mean that you cannot edit any of its settings in windows security, or malware can run amok on your system because you are not in possession of the proper security in place. Below I would be stating some reasons why windows defender does not open and how you can get it again.

How to Fix Windows 11 Defender Won’t Launch

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Windows Defender Won’t Open, why?

Here I would be giving you some examples of situations where Microsoft’s anti-malware app would not launch or even work properly:

  • There is a temporary memory-related issue where the app would not scan for malware.
  • Windows security launches normally, but would promptly close after some seconds
  • There is another software program battling with windows defender, and it happens to be throwing error messages in.
  • An error message stating that “You would need a new app to open this windowsdefender link.”
  • you just installed or uninstalled a different antivirus software program, and now your windows defender won’t launch.

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How to Fix Windows 11 Defender Not Working

There are some things you can try out first to know if your windows 11 Defender would work or not. The steps below should be followed as listed:

Restart Your Computer

This step is very common and it should be your first approach when troubleshooting basically anything in your windows, and it might just be all that you need to do to get the windows defender working fine.

Turn Off Windows Defender

Turn off your windows defender, and then turn it right back on. Or, if it was off to off to start with, that article shows you how to turn it on.

The Microsoft Defender would not catch active malware unless your Real-Time protection is on.

Repair or Reset Windows Security

Repairing it would have your windows attempt to fix whatever issue is going on, and a reset would erase all the apps and settings and start over as if the windows defender was just installed

Follow the link for two methods – One makes use of settings, like in the image below, and the other is using a PowerShell command that is helpful if you are not able to open windows security at all.

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Update Windows

It is via this method that Microsoft fixes bugs, so an update might actually address the windows security issue on your PC.

Clear Your protection History

This step goes when your problem is so specific that the only issue that you would be running into is that you cannot seem to clear out your protection history screen found in windows security, or you are told that a threat is found, but you cannot do anything to have it cleared out.

Disable any Other Antivirus Program

Temporarily disable whatever antivirus program that you have installed on your PC. This works differently from every other app, but doing this should get you more time to see if the windows defender’s troubles were due to a compatibility issue with the other anti-malware tool.

If you think that the other program is to blame, or you suspect that it might be but disabling it didn’t help, use a program uninstaller tool to completely delete the software. Or just uninstall the program.

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How to Add an Exclusion to Windows Defender on Windows 11?

Head to Settings > the privacy and Security > windows security > Virus and threat protection > manage settings. Right under the exclusions, choose to add or remove exclusions.

How do I Turn off Microsoft Defender SmartScreen?

For you to turn off the SmartScreen on Microsoft Edge. Head to the three-dot menu > Settings > Privacy, search, and services. Under services, turn off the Microsoft defender smartscreen.

Is Windows Defender the Sam for the Windows Firewall?

The answer here is no. The windows Firewall is a feature of the windows defender software. Windows do not carry a separate firewall program.

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