How To Fix Missing Device Drivers on Windows 11

Are you interested in How To Fix Missing Device Drivers on Windows 11? Device drivers would allow your computer’s hardware “talk to” and interface with the operating system that powers the hardware.

How To Fix Missing Device Drivers on Windows 11

For windows 11, upgrading or installing the operating system installs all the necessary drivers also. After the OS has been set up properly, windows update would check the hardware for update automatically and handles the driver installation.

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How To Fix Missing Device Drivers on Windows 11

But sometimes, the windows update lags behind the rollout of the latest drivers for your hardware. This might actually miss some devices altogether. The driver also can break, leaving your device’s screen, printer, peripherals, or hard drivers not working well according to Microsoft.

You would get those drivers by yourself if your hardware misbehaves. There are tons of options to correct these driver errors. Windows update can find and install the drivers that are missing, or you can choose to carry it out manually for each of the devices. Also, you can choose to go to the manufacturer’s official support page and then download the drivers. Detecting and fixing missing device drivers is usually easy.

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How to Install Missing Drivers via Windows Update

Microsoft has recommended installing and updating your drivers via windows update. According to the OS makers, it is the safest and best method to sort out your drivers. You will make use of the windows update to download and then install the drivers. Once installed, you would be required to reboot your machine. Consider saving any work that is unfinished before you allow windows update to load the drivers.

  • First, launch the setting and then select the windows update tab right from the list. Alternatively, you can look up the “Windows update” right on the start menu.
  • Select Advanced options
  • Scroll down to additional options.
  • Select optional updates
  • Then tap on the driver’s update in other to reveal the list of available updates
  • Check on the box right next to all the listed drivers
  • Click download and install

The windows update would start downloading your select drivers. When it is finished, you would be notified that the installation is pending restart. Restart it if you are prompted. Or you can do it manually. And test if the device is properly working now.

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How to Fix Missing Device Drivers in Windows Manually

If the automatic update does not fix your missing device drivers, you can choose to access the control panel on windows 11 and manually reinstall the drivers.

  • Click on the start button, then search “device manager,” and launch the app. Or, press the Windows key + R and enter “devmgmt.msc” for you to be able to directly pull up the device manager.
  • Look out for a bubble that carries a question mark right inside it. some or all devices in that category are missing their drivers.
  • Click on the caret icon right next to the bubble in other to reveal individual devices. Devices that come without the installed drivers are shown with a yellow warning icon.
  • Double click on a device and then click on the driver tab
  • Find and then click on the update driver button
  • When the update drivers’ windows come up, select the search automatically for drivers.

If windows 11 cannot find the required drivers online, you can choose to try and download them straight from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Push the update driver button once again
  • Select browse my computer for drivers
  • Click on browser and then locate the folder that you downloaded and click on Next.

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