Best OONI Pizza Oven – Can you Cook Burgers in OONI Pizza Oven?

Which OONI pizza oven should I buy? There are several unique Ooni pizza ovens to get from Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, and other retailers. There are available outdoors and indoors Ooni pizza oven.

Best Ooni Pizza Oven

Ooni ovens are perfect for pizza. They are not just used for pizza, they can also be used to cook other foods like meat, chicken, bake bread, and many more.

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Best OONI Pizza Oven

It has become even harder now to choose the best brands for pizza ovens due to the variety of outdoor and indoor ovens in the market. Ooni, a great pizza oven for outdoor and indoors has a lot to offer in this regard.

However, choosing the best oven according to your budget can be confusing. That is why this article is here to help you out. Scroll down to make your choice on the best outdoor oven pizza.

Things to Consider

When shopping for the best Ooni oven, you need to consider some factors. The outdoor pizza oven is great for cooking stoned pizzas on the go. Ooni is one of the best portable outdoor pizza ovens. Here are factors to consider due to the different needs and preferences of others.

Go for Portability

Since it is an outdoor pizza oven, it is good to go for portability. Anything under 25 kg counts as portable, and almost all ovens outdoor ovens weigh 22kg as the heaviest, and 15 kg as the lighter one.

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Durability and Lifespan

It’s good you go for a long-lasting oven. However, it depends on the brand more than it does on the price tag. In addition, if you are the outdoor pizza oven can last for more than a decade.

Ease to Use

You also need to go for an easy-to-use outdoor oven for pizza. Some are meant for professional use, and it can be hard for beginners to use them. So, when buying, go for ovens that are easy to use for beginners.

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Pizza Size

You also need to consider the pizza size before shopping for the Ooni pizza oven. Some ovens are suitable for cooking up to 12 pizzas. While some heavier ovens are used for 16 pizzas.  You can as well slice your pizza into four pieces, and cook in 16 pizzas.


You need to consider the pricing before buying. The oven can cost up to thousands of dollars while the affordable ones are at usually under $500.

Fuel Source and Flavors

You also need to consider the fuel source and flavours if you want your pizza to be authentic. Though gas ovens do not offer the BBQ-like taste, they certainly are much cheaper and easy to handle than multi-fuel source pizza ovens.

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5 Best Ooni Pizza Oven

When it comes to the best Ooni pizza oven in 2022, here are my top picks:

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni 12 is a high-quality, lightweight peel for sliding, turning and retrieving pizzas from your oven with ease. It is designed for pizza up to 12 wades, launch pizzas with ease using the lightweight, durable Ooni 12 Bamboo pizza peel.

This item is a powder-coated carbon steel shell that offers optimal heat retention, which is combined with the natural efficiency of wood pallets. It allows you to enjoy the perfect pizza you want to take.


Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven

The Koda 16 outdoor pizza oven will be ready to go in 15 minutes and can cook authentic stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds. Gives you more time to sit back and relax in your backyard while enjoying great pizzas. It features instant gas ignition, and it is easy to operate.

The Ooni pizza oven is making great pizza in the backyard and outdoor kitchens in over 50 countries around the world. It is a portable and easily stored countertop oven which is a great addition to any outdoor grill.

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Ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Karu 12 is also gas compatible – simply order an Ooni Gas Burner attachment to extend your fuel options. Its custom-designed fuel tray maximizes airflow and delivers a powerful blast of searing flame reaching up to heats of 950°F (500°C).  You can load it up with real wood or charcoal, with no excess ash to clean.

It is designed for pizzas up to 12 inches wide, launch pizzas with ease using the lightweight, durable Ooni 12” Wooden Pizza Peel.


Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – From Ooni Pizza Ovens

Fire up with wood or charcoal right out of the box for a subtle wood-fired taste, or use gas with the Ooni Gas Burner – sold separately – for maximum flexibility in cooking experiences.

Cooking pizza at this high heat is the only way to create authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. This oven is very portable and easy to use. the control part is easy to access, and it can be used for multiple purposes.

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Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven

Ooni believes that everybody deserves great pizza and their Ooni Koda 16 gas pizza oven has been designed and developed with the sole purpose in mind. The outdoor pizza oven will be ready to go in 15 minutes and can cook authentic stone bake pizza in just 60 seconds.

The powder-coated carbon steel shell offers incredible heat retention, which is combined with the efficiency and simplicity of using gas.



Which Ooni Is Most Popular?

Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven. It comes with a full-glass door that gives you a good view of your pizzas as they cook inside the oven.

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What size Ooni is Best?

Ooni pro-16: The Ooni Pro 16 is capable of cooking 16” delicious pizzas easily. Even with 16” pizzas, there’s enough space in the oven for easy manoeuvring the pizza. In my opinion, this is the unique selling point of this cutie pie.

Which Is Better The OONI Koda Or The OONI FYRA?

The Ooni Koda is better if you want easy, easy, easy but still great pizza. The Ooni Fyra is better if you want authentically wood-fired pizza. And, the Fyra isn’t that much more time-consuming or difficult to start or run.

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Which Is Better OONI Koda 12 Or 16?

The only difference between the two models is the size of the pizza. The Koda 12 will only cook a 12” pizza whereas the Koda 16 bakes a 16-inch pizza. While both models cook a pizza very well, the Koda 16 has more room to turn and manoeuvre the pizza.

Can You Cook Burgers In OONI Pizza Oven?

Yes, the cast-iron flame-cooked double Smashburger recipe is stacked with gouda cheese, pickle, red onion, lettuce and tomato, and served between sweet butter-toasted brioche buns.



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