How to Delete your Facebook Dating Profile – Facebook Dating Feature 2022

Facebook dating is one of the most important parts of the Facebook application when it launched it was very much in use by almost all Facebook users. The feature was launched in 2019 and since then it has been one of the most used features on Facebook. So many people have created dating profiles but today we take a look at how you would be able to delete your Facebook dating profile.

How to Delete your Facebook Dating Profile

If you are tired of using Facebook dating or maybe it simply did not work out for you you are free to delete your profile. Facebook has made sure that you can simply opt-out of dating anytime you are tired of using it. Which is deleting your Facebook profile but not that deleting your Facebook profile comes with some consequences which we will find out in this article.

Facebook Dating Feature 2022

Facebook dating was launched in 2019 to help the then over 200 million singles on the network to find it for themselves. After its launch in 2019, the feature marvelously where that Facebook decided to run it in more regions. Fast forward to 2022 dating is still very much ongoing and it has grown so much that and heard a lot of singles on Facebook.

Even in 2022, the Facebook dating feature is not yet available for all locations and regions. This is because it is still taking its time slowly rolling out. It is only those that are in regions where the Facebook dating has launched that are able to use it. Dating exposes you to other users on Facebook that are using it as well as you. If you do not activate Facebook dating you cannot see other users using dating.

The Facebook dating feature you should know can only be used by the Facebook mobile application on Android or iOS. Finally, the dating feature on Facebook can only be accessed from the Facebook application, not the website.

How to Delete your Facebook Dating Profile

For people that are fed up with the Facebook dating feature, there is an option for you to delete your profile to stop using it. This option will not delete your Facebook account but if you delete your Facebook account you have automatically deleted your dating profile. Facebook has put this measure in place because there must come a time some people will want to stop using dating.

No matter what your reason is to stop using Facebook dating below is a procedure on how to delete your Facebook dating profile:

  • Launch your Facebook application on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now tap on the menu button.
  • After tapping on the menu button select dating.
  • Select settings from the right side of the dating page.
  • Tap on general.
  • Scroll down and tap on delete profile.
  • Finally confirmed by tapping on delete.

Note that after deleting your Facebook profile you will lose all the dating information that you added when creating and using your account. Information such as your Dating profile, including your Dating answers, likes, matches, and conversations will all be lost.

Also, know that all the conversations that you have made would not be deleted from other people’s inboxes. This is because there is no message delete feature for the dating. Finally, after deleting your account you would no longer be able to see dating users.

What Happens When I Delete my Facebook Dating Profile?

After deleting your Facebook dating profile all your dating information would be lost like as I mentioned above. All those information would be gone forever but would still be available to the people you conversed with.

After deleting your profile if you decide to reactivate back your Facebook dating you must first wait a period of 7 days. This means that you must wait for at least 7 days before reactivating and creating a new Facebook dating profile.



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