Dating With Facebook Apps Today – Does Facebook Still Have Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating App

Dating With Facebook Apps Today, are you thinking about it. Facebook Dating is a matchmaking platform that is been made available through the Facebook app. Though the dating feature can only be accessed through your Facebook existing account, you will still be required to create a separate dating profile and messaging system.

Dating With Facebook Today

You’re dating profile and activities will not be shown to your Facebook friends and Facebook will not suggest any of your Facebook friends as matches. Matches are suggested based on your preferences, interests, and other things you do on Facebook, like the Groups you join and the Events you attend.

The Dating feature aims to the work out creating a dating profile and offers a better look at who someone is.

Dating With Facebook Apps Today

You too can choose to be a part of the Facebook Dating and create your Dating profile (separate from your main profile) starting today, if you’re 18 years and above and have downloaded the most recent version of the Facebook app. it’s as easy as that.

You will be suggested to others who are also having the Facebook dating app. facebook suggests people to you based on your preferences, interests, and other activities you do on Facebook. Facebook Dating is not just about swiping or having to wait for someone to like you to get a first chance at reaching out.

If you are interested in someone, just comment directly on their profile, or better still you tap on the Like button to let them know.

Does Facebook Still Have Facebook Dating

Yes and have it in mind that the Facebook dating app or Facebook Dating site isn’t separate from the main Facebook app itself; the feature is actually embedded into the Facebook mobile app. so if you become Facebook friends with someone even after matching with them on Facebook Dating, you will still see their dating profile.

How Do I Find Facebook Dating – Dating With Facebook Apps Today

Well, Facebook Dating is available through the Facebook app on your Android or iOS. So to be able to access your Dating information, kindly go to the Facebook app of your mobile device, and then go to Access Your Information in your Facebook Settings.

If you added your Instagram posts or stories to Dating, you can also learn how to access your Instagram data.

What Areas Is Facebook Dating Available

The fact is that Facebook is yet to roll out the dating feature to some countries for the time being but that notwithstanding, it is currently available in some countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Why Is Dating Not Working on Facebook

If your dating app is not working, Perhaps the Facebook app you are using is not the latest version that is why dating not working, all you need to do in this case is to update your Facebook app to the most recent version. Simply tap the Update tab to begin. You can also opt to choose the automatic update for your Android or IOs device, it’s your call.


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