How to Completely Erase KidLogger from your Mac

There are some possible guidelines that are easy on how to completely erase KidLogger from your Mac. Moreso, the procedure that you need to take to completely remove the KidLogger app from your Mac is not as difficult as you think until you have finally understood the whole procedure.

How to Completely Erase KidLogger from your Mac
How to Completely Erase KidLogger from your Mac

How to Completely Erase KidLogger from your Mac

There are some apps that you might have installed on your Mac that were for a good purpose but along that line that app might be causing some malfunctions on your Mac which may lead to it having a virus. Moreso, an example of that kind of app is the KidLogger app which was set up for a good reason but might lead to some of your private information and other valid credential ben accessed without your notice by scammers and might lead to a malware infection.

What is KidLogger?

KidLogger is an app that was designed legitimately or application that assists parents to monitor the activity of their children on any computer or mobile device. Moreso, in some cases scammers make use of the app because of its good functionality and tracking to be able to covertly install it on a device to spy on the user.

Furthermore, the app or software that was created which is KidLogger runs in the background so it leaves the user with no idea that they have been monitored. Meanwhile, you might be wondering if the app is safe. Well, even though the software was designed for a good purpose, it can be able to log some sensitive information that is very easy to exploit making your data and Mac exploitable.

What Way Can Mac Get Infected with KidLogger Malware?

If you might have installed it for some purposes, then it can come in through a software bundling method. Since it’s a legitimate program, the common way KidLogger ends up on Mac is by being installed by the particular user.

When you install the free harmless-looking app that has malware entrenched into its code.

In what way Can KidLogger Affect your Mac?

There are chances for problems that you will notice with KidLogger that is, it can probably slow down your Mac. But that is much or less just normal use of the app. The most important issue is if it has to be installed accidentally by a certain hacker, it then presents serious privacy concerns. They can then be able to gain access for monitoring what you are typing including passwords.

Simple Manual Steps to Uninstall KidLogger

Preferring a manual approach is definitely doable as well. It’s possible for you to can remove KidLogger just if you will any other application. But be warned, it can little bit of time. The first step is to delete the application, to start you have to follow these steps below;

  • Kindly open a new Finder Window.
  • Select the Go Application.
  • Find the KidLogger icon and drag it into your Trash in the dock.

Though that seemed fast and easy enough and inappropriate and you are not done. KidLogger installs quite a few caches and supports files. Then you will have to do research for those as well.

  • When you’re in a Finder window, select the Go button.
  • Hold the Option key on your keyboard and then click Library.
  • Enter the Application Support folder.
  • Delete the files that are related to KidLogger.
  • Select the back arrow at the Finder Window.
  • Repeat steps 3-5 but go to Preferences, Cache, and saved application state.

Therefore, once you might have installed it, KidLogger can then monitor the media files on your Mac. In the last step of deleting the application, you will have to check your permissions.

  • Go to your System Preferences – Security & Privacy.
  • Enter the Privacy tab.
  • Check what app has your full disk access and all other permissions.
  • Select Lock and enter your password to edit the permissions.
  • If there are any suspicious applications on the list, click it and then select the “_” sign-in to cancel the permission.

After you might have finished those folders then check your permissions, empty your trash, and finally restart your computer.

How to Prevent Infecting a Mac with Keyloggers

It is recommended you can get into the regular habit of scanning your Mac once or twice a week, in that way if anything then accidentally infects your personal computer. You catch it before it will do any severe damage.

It can be known that something which is so innocent and unreliably helpful can violate your privacy like this. But there is no worry, that’s another reason CleanMyMac X is such an important tool. It will help you fasten other Keyloggers and Malware lurking on your Hard drive.

CleanMyMac X has another nearby feature. It is a real-time monitor which can scan your files whenever you download them. Then helping you clasp malicious software in real time. This is how you can know to be sure that the features are enabled.

  • You will start by launching the CleanMyMac X.
  • Select the CleanMyMac X menu button in the toolbar.
  • In the “Real-time malware monitor” page, then select Turn On.

Though it has one of the best of intentions, KidLogger can put your Mac at risk and makes your data exposed to any attack. If you don’t know the source or where you are getting your application, you can then be setting yourself up for a world of hurt. So be sure you are being sensitive with what you download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequent questions you should go through that would give you more enlightenment on how to completely erase KidLogger from your Mac.

Is KidLogger a Malware?

KidLogger can be detected by some antivirus software such as spyware or malware. Spyware and monitoring apps seem to have much more in common since both applications can deal with recording user activities on your personal computer.

How do I Remove KidLogger from Windows 10?

In order to remove the KidLogger item from the Start menu. You will start by performing right-clicking on the KidLogger icon in the start menu and then selecting the Clear list command. For the list of apps, right-click on the KidLogger shortcut, then click open file location. Then finally delete all the shortcuts from this folder.

Can you hide KidLogger?

Yes, KidLogger can be hidden but cannot be completely hidden on Android devices. However, for other platforms such as iOS, Symbian, and Blackberry, it is impossible to hide KidLogger applications.

Is KidLogger Easy to Use?

KidLogger is an app that is easy to use and cost-effective relative to the features it provides. However, the KidLogger app is a proper parental control and monitoring app that is used for a good purpose.

How do you Set up a KidLogger?

In order for you to set up your KidLogger, you will have to log in to your user account on the site and open the settings then choose a device from the list and disable or enable the monitoring features that you want.



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