How to Clear Cache in Windows 11

Here I would be giving How to Clear Cache in Windows 11. Cache on your windows could slow down your system and it is usually found in the disk cleanup program. The cache is a temporary memory called the CPU cache memory. The cache is a set of temporary files used by a program or the operating system.

How to Clear Cache in Windows 11

They are temporary files created by programs and websites. It is necessary to clear the cache from windows once in a while to not have problems in the future.

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How to Clear Cache in Windows 11

Caches are unwanted files so it is necessary to clear them off your windows. But we would direct our focus on windows 11. Let’s go:

  • Open the settings on your system and go to storage under the system.
  • Then tab temporary files under the storage settings.
  • Then you would see a box next to each file. Click on the checkbox close to the files you want to delete.
  • Click on remove files and continue further removing or deleting the file.

How to Clear the Location cache on your Windows 11

Location cache is different from every other type of cache because it is the type of cache that keeps track of your physical location. But it doesn’t take up much disk space.

  • Open the settings, and go to privacy and security under settings.
  • Navigate down and tab on location under privacy and settings
  • Select clear in the location history section.

How to Clear the Microsoft Store Cache in Windows 11

The Microsoft cache is different from another cache. If you experience your Microsoft loading slowly or taking time to start, the cache on the Microsoft store is too much. It is necessary to clear them out. It is possible by:

  • Go to the desktop and hold together the windows, the + and R keys at once then you would see a small page with a search bar.
  • You type into the search bar CMD which means command. Then a black screen would appear.
  • On the screen, write wsreset.exe and click on enter to clear the Microsoft cache.

How to Clear The Browser’s cache

The browser also has its cache every time you use your browser for websites. Clearing up the browser’s cache to enable the speed of the browser. You might be wondering how, but if you’re the speed at which pages on your browser load.

And if the speed at which the pages on your browser you could get your information faster. Another reason for clearing your browser cache is to avoid problems from your browsers like the 404 responses, 502 bad gateway errors, and plugin conflicts. Now we all know we have different types of browsers, so we are going to talk about taking out the caches on these different browsers.

We are going to talk about how to clear the cache from the top widely used browsers. Which are Google chrome, safari, firefox, and Microsoft Edge. We are likely going about clearing the cache on your browser if it falls among the popularly used browsers.

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How to Clear the Google Chrome Browser Cache

This is the first browser we are going to talk about because it is a widely used browser.

  • You would see three dots close to the email button with the first letter of your name there at the top right corner of your browser.
  • Click on the dot and you would different options there. You are going to click on the setting among the options.
  • Then next, after clicking on the settings. You would see different options you are going to scroll through to choose the privacy and security options.
  • Under the privacy and security option, you would see an option like this “clear browsing data”. You might likely see other options after clicking on that option. You can use any option you see but make sure to click on this option “cached images and files”.

How to Clear the Firefox Browser Cache

This is another widely used browser. Let’s talk about how to clear off the browser’s cache:

  • Tab on to the hamburger icon that is located at the upper right of the browser.
  • After clicking you are going to click on the settings option.
  • Then choose the privacy and security option under the setting option.
  • Then scroll through till you see “cookies and site data” and click enter or clear on the option shown on the browser.

How to clear the Safari Browser Cache

This is one of the highly-ranked browsers called “Apple’s Safari”.  And it accumulates a lot of temporary files that at times slow down our browsing on our browsers. We are looking into how to take out these caches from our safari browsers.

  • First, you need to be in the safari browser to clear the caches on it. Navigate to the safari browser and the settings look like a gear icon on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Then this is done to reset the browser, with this done you have been able to clear the unwanted data on your browser windows.

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How to Clear the Microsoft Edge Cache

Microsoft Edge is the default browser you would see on your windows and it is also good for browsing, syncing passwords, and other nice features. But we want to talk about taking out the caches on this browser:

  • You go to the settings at the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Under settings, you navigate through the option and choose the privacy, search, and services options.
  • Then scroll through the “privacy, search, and services” options.
  • And select the option “clear browsing” option that would clear out the cache in your Microsoft Edge browser.

How to flush DNS Cache

The Domain Name System also known as DNS is the phonebook of the internet. People can get information online through domain names and the web browser communicated. This cache does not free up storage space but it can help fix internet problems.

To clear up the DNS cache in your windows. Type in ipconfig or flushdns and click on “ok” on the run dialog box or the “enter” key on your keyboard. This can also be done from the command prompt by typing in ipconfig or flushdns and clicking on the “enter” key.

You might be wondering what the “run dialog box” is all about. Let me enlighten you about the function of the run dialog box and how to get it on your windows. So the run dialog box is one of the easiest windows tools that permits you to quickly use and launch programs, open files and access different windows settings. To get the run dialog box, you press the windows key and the R key at the same time to achieve the run dialog box.

Importance Of Clearing up Caches from your Windows 11

  • For better and faster performance: With all cache cleared off your system. Your browser tends to perform faster with no lagging.
  • To prevent errors: The cache files on your windows could get corrupted so it is important to clear up your windows to avoid errors on your system.
  • When you clear up the cache in your windows it also helps to free up the disk space and it could also affect your operating system making it malfunction.

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How do I clear the RAM on my windows 11

  • Restart your Laptop.
  • Check RAM usage with windows tools.
  • Uninstall or disable unneeded software.
  • Update your apps.
  • Use lighter apps or manage running programs.
  • Scan for malware.
  • Adjust virtual memory in windows.
  • Try Ready boost to add more ram.

What are cookies and cache?

Cookies are files created by sites you visit. They make your browsing faster and easier. The cache helps brings back the old pages you might have visited and brings them when you want them again.

Do cookies clear up your passwords?

Yes, Cookies clear up all your saved passwords from the autofill that usually appears whenever you want to fill in the information. The autofill settings for the passwords are saved on your browsers.

How to clear up the cache for all apps?

  • You navigate to your device settings and select apps.
  • Then select the app you wish to clear its data and select the storage of the app to achieve that.
  • Then when you find the storage under the app, you click to clear the cache to clear up the cache for the selected app.

Does clearing up the cache delete pictures?

Anyways, we know that cache clears data. But the cache does not remove photos or images from your device. By now we know that data files that are temporarily saved in our devices are the only things that are deleted once the cache is cleared or deleted.

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