How to Choose a Mobile Application for Android

If you want to know How to Choose a Mobile Application for Android, this article is for you. A mobile application helps enhance your productivity and creativity. How to Choose a Mobile Application for Android

This article is a perfect guide to getting a mobile application for your android, it will help you know the qualities you should look for before getting a mobile application.

How to Choose a Mobile Application for Android

Before you know How to Choose a Mobile Application for Android. You should know what a mobile application is, A mobile application is a type of application designed to run on a mobile device, which can be an android, smartphone, and tablet computer. Because of the early mobile devices’ limited hardware resources, mobile apps avoid multi-functionality.

List of Mobile Applications

There are lots of apps on Google Play and on the Apple app store. But not to worry, these lists are narrowed down to six main categories.

Educational Apps

This is an app that helps individuals with remote learning of any kind. It helps students analyze what they have been taught and what is the source of it and makes them curious to know more but in a systematic way.

This overall process helps the students to learn practically and not theoretically. This educational app helps teachers with grading and organization, this educational app is linked to compelling increases in student achievement.

Educational apps help students learn at their own pace, making the school work easier and lesser for teachers, teachers tend to use this app to distribute study materials, and conduct tests and parents get an easy chance to monitor the progress of their child effectively.

While the purpose of this app is fairly straightforward, there are lots of diversity when it comes to educational apps. Other examples of educational apps are:

  • Khan academy
  • Remind
  • Kahoot
  • Quizlet

Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle app with the aim to make your daily tasks easier and more comfortable. This lifestyle app allows you to set goals and track data about those goals been set. Many lifestyle apps help with health tips and healthy habits, it also helps track physical activity so users can review their daily activity or workout.

The lifestyle app is need-based by nature. People come to lifestyle apps to make life easier and to solve a problem, this app does not exist for entertainment purposes purchasing, or shopping but help people achieve their goals on fitness, quitting smoking, dating, and others. The other type of lifestyle app are:

  • Swarm
  • Foursquare City Guide
  • Slice
  • Outlook

Social Apps

Social apps are the most common social apps in the world. This is an app that allows businesses to have insight into their social media and networks that drive businesses to have good results, it helps owners of businesses know what’s said about their business.

Social app platforms create loyalty between businesses and connect customers to their brand’s employees. Social apps make communication and interaction easier. This app helps navigate and share digital content, build an online identity, maintain a good digital reputation, and is also responsible for online interaction.

This app helps build relationships and stay connected. Other examples of social media apps are:

  • TikTok
  • Linkedln
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat

Social media can help like-minded people connect despite their distance, it helps establishes authority, spread news, offering support.

Productivity Apps

The productivity app is a software program that allows smartphone and wearable device users to perform essential day-to-day activities, productivity apps are optimized for touch-based devices.

The main purpose of the app is to make users of mobile devices work more effectively and comfortably wherever they may be. Allowing them access to functions such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation, and to-do list and reminder apps.

Other types of productivity apps are:

  • Chanty
  • Tick-tick
  • Google tasks
  • Dropbox

Most productivity apps serve a particular purpose and are built with an instinctive interface to increase efficiency and user experience.

Entertainment Apps

This is an app that compromises interactive activities and apps for relaxation, and for communication. These are often apps used to fill our free time, it’s apps that can use anywhere. It can include videos, text, or audio content. The other types of entertainment apps are:

  • Netflix
  • Pandora box
  • Clubhouse
  • Amazon prime video

Game Apps

This app is a pleasant app to observe free time with, this app also makes it easy for friends and families to connect. It is affordable, portable, and convenient. The easy accessibility and portability have made this app to be loved greatly. This app also has games that build intellectually such as chess. Other game apps are:

  • Adventure Gaming Apps
  • Puzzle Gaming Apps
  • Card Gaming Apps
  • Strategy Gaming Apps

How to Choose the Right Mobile Platform for App Development

Getting a successful mobile application is difficult. When choosing your mobile application, the first thing you need to consider is the target audience. Make deep research and then create a user profile.

Application development platforms vary region-wise. For more information on How to Choose the Right Mobile Platform for App Development keeps on reading this article.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Platform for App Development

Following are tips to know the right mobile platform for app development.

Consider the Target Audience

In choosing the right mobile platform for app development, the target audience is one of the biggest determining factors. This is generally associated with a business’s marketing message.

It highlights the advantages and benefits of a business product or service. The target audience helps create a tone of voice that really speaks to your customer. It also gives direction for your marketing and ensures more consistency between customers.

To analyze the target audience, you must ask problems ask yourself questions about what your products can solve, conduct market research, create a customer profile, assess keep an eye on your competitors, and monitor audience feedback, comments, and engagement.

Both IOS and Android have the biggest user base. When choosing the right platform, you have to know where most users of the products would be, so you can capture them.

If your app’s target audience is outside North America or Japan, go with android. This way your product will have more opportunities to spread and succeed.

Cost Considerations

Cost considerations are inherent in the goals of most policies. This describes the purpose and scope of a business function and maps out a course for actions for employees to follow. It helps you determine the profitability of your operations and how to set prices.

For developers who want to succeed, the easiest way is to run an estimation of the development cost. The final decisions essentially depend on the budget you’re willing to allocate. But developers must know that investment amounts may increase to some extent during the development process.

For example, apple is more costly than android, so developers with a low budget should go for android. Fortunately, the total analysis of the cost could give developers a cool estimate for the entire development as well as project timeline.

Know What to Offer

Write down your requirements first. To develop, developers must consider how much they can afford, understand what the market looks like, and decide where their offer should fall.

If you want to make a custom-made, native App, IOS, Andriod is the best solution. But if you are looking for an app that supports multiple platforms, consider cross-platform development. The requirements and features greatly depend on the limitations and ability of the development platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of Mobile Applications?

The mobile application can be classified into three, which are Native, Web, and Hybrid apps.

What are the factors to Consider When choosing a Mobile Application?

The best factors to consider in choosing a mobile application are, identifying the target audience, setting a plan of action, knowing your budget, and thinking outside the box.

What is the difference between Mobile Apps and Native Apps?

Native apps are smartphone apps specifically designed for a particular operating system.  While a mobile app is designed to run on a mobile device, which can be a smartphone or tablet computer.

Is Instagram a Mobile App?

Instagram is a mobile app that allows people to upload videos, and share them with their followers. They can also view, comment, and like posts shared by their friends.

What is the Meaning of IOS?

iPhone Operating System, which functions in apple iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Apple TV, and iMac.

When was the first Mobile App Created?

The first mobile App was Nokia 6110 which was made in 1997. It included a built-in version of the arcade game “Snake”.



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