How To Become Nurse Educator – 5 Steps to Become a Nurse Educator

How can I become nurse educator? As a nurse educator, you can service prepare the next generation of nurses and touch countless lives. A nurse who loves to teach can go for nurse educator.

Then, you have access to guide the next generation of nurses and play a key role as a mentor, teacher, and role model for nursing student. Read on to know more.

How To Become Nurse Educator

Nurse education can work in different places, like university, hospital, laboratory, and so on. This is the right time to become a nurse educator, if at all you are planning to be.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, forecasting a robust 9% growth in nurse educator jobs through 2030, just above the average growth of 8% forecast for all jobs nationally.

Which means, there is critical shortage of nurse across the cross and a need to graduate more nurse each year to offset the deficit.

What Is A Nursing Educator?

A nurse educator is a nurse who imparts and makes licensed practical nurses and registered nurse for entry into practical positions.

In addition, they work as faculty members at universities or as clinical nursing educators at hospitals. A nurse educator also works with both nursing students and clinical professionals who need continuing education or training.

Types Of Nursing Educator

Well, being a nursing educator is drive in different form. Here are types of nursing educator:

Clinical Nursing Educator

The clinical nursing educator is a nurse that works at a hospital, and teaches nurses in a clinical setting.

Professional of Nursing

The professional nursing educator are those one that are responsible for teaching nursing classes at the university level. In addition, they conduct nursing research and publish academic content.

Clinical Lab Instructor

These are nurse educators who teach students in a laboratory setting. They are based on experimental teaching in the filed-on nurse educator.

Nursing education consultant

This type of nurse educator is those that create educational objectives and requirements for students in nursing classes and training programs.

5 Steps to Become a Nurse Educator

If You will like to advance your nurse career and teaching appeals to you, these are the steps guide to follow:

Get to know & Understand the Role of a Nurse Educator

When I say understand the role of a nurse educator, I mean the work they do and how they do it. What is the work of nurse educator?

Nice question, nurse educator teaches nurse students for the transition from school to a professional work setting. A good helping of a nurse educator’s day may be spent in a classroom or office setting, preparing for classes, giving lectures, advising students and keeping up with current nursing knowledge.

In addition, they help in oversee lab and clinic education, offer feedback as students work and interact with patients.

Become an RN and Gain Experience

To become a nurse educator, you will have to pass through the process of becoming a nurse. So, if you have not register, do it now.

For you to become a nurse educator, you have to registered nurse by earning your associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, you will also need to earn your master degree.

Enroll in a Nursing Education Program

Once you get experience from RN, the next thing is it become a nurse educator by enrolling in nursing educator program at the master’s degree level.

frequently, academic employers prefer that their employees have doctoral degrees. So, if you plan to work at a university, you may also want to consider earning a doctoral degree such as a Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Complete your Clinicals and Graduate

Graduating with a master degree in nursing education tasks more than online classwork. Once you enroll, you will have to complete your clinical and graduate with a good grade.

You will come out prepare for real success in a teaching environment. Every university have their way educating and the years. But nurses with MSN can get education in less than a year and graduate.

Get Certified

Certification is not currently required for nurse educators, but it can help increase your earning potential and help you stay competitive in the job market. Nurse educators earn certification from the National League for Nursing (NLN) by taking the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam.

To qualify to take the exam, you’ll need:

  • Active unrestricted RN license
  • Master of science in nursing degree
  • Complete nursing education course at an advanced level.

However, it advisable to get certified to help give you an edge in the job market and get off a fast start in your new career.


What Make A Good Nurse Educator?

To become a good nurse educator, you will need a great education, enough clinical experience, good communication skills, a passion for healthcare and a real desire to make a difference. In addition, the best teacher is those with true passionate and pass that along to their students.

Where Can I Do A Nursing Educational Degree?

There are different academic or professional health-related settings to apply for education degree. They include junior colleges, technical or trade schools, universities, surgical or teaching hospital administration. They may find jobs based on their area of expertise and employer and may teach full or part-time.

How Much Does A Nurse Educator Make?

According to 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for a nurse educator is $84,060 per year. * Salaries can vary based on location, education, and experience.  Discover the average nurse educator salary in your state and learn more about a career in nursing education.

What Does A Nursing Educator Do?

As a nurse educator, they help:

  • Developing lesson plans and curriculum
  • Fostering classroom discussions and teaching students
  • Supervising students in clinical settings
  • Tracking students’ learning progress and outcomes

How Do I Become A Nurse Educator In Australia?

To become a nurse educator, you must first become a qualified registered nurse. You will need to gain sufficient practical experience as a nurse in the area you wish to work. You will also need complete a postgraduate degree in nurse education or gain a qualification in training and assessment.

What Is The Best Thing About Being A Nurse Educator?

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a nursing educator is the opportunity to develop relationships and even close bonds with students. Many teachers find they can ‘see’ themselves in their students. T



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