How to be a Photographer – How to be a Photographer With your Phone

How to be a Photographer is the question that many have asked. You have been earning so little or nothing since high school, and then you were advised to learn a skill. You have searched for a very good skill and the only one you seem to like is photography.  This article will give you an easy way to go about learning photography. Therefore, ill advise you to read the full article till the very end.

How to be a Photographer 

How to be a Photographer 

Just like every other skill, it will take a very big load of determination, consistency, diligence to learn the skill of photography and to practice well enough to be called a genius or a professional in the field. The steps I have outlined in this article will give you an easy way out here. However, do not forget that there is no shortcut to success.

What Does a Photographer Do?

There is more to photography than just holding a camera and taking pictures, in fact, only the professionals in the field know the inner part of photography. Here I am going to outline them for you.

The most obvious thing about photographers is that they use cameras to capture images. Photography is divided into different types and niches. These include scientific photography, aerial photography, etc. Photographers work in different settings that range from photographic studios to newspaper publishing companies., some work in the field and others are based in the studio.

Steps to Becoming a Photographer 

If you want to learn how to be a photographer, the steps below will do you great good.

Choose the Right Education for the Type of Photographer you Will Like to Become 

To become a professional photographer, you must choose the right education. Different types of photography programs are designed to match students with different career goals. The length or the duration of these programs varies from school to school. Some of these programs may cost you as little as 200$ while some may cost thousands of dollars.

Choose a Focus 

You can’t just dive into any field of photography just like that, you have to narrow your learning to a particular field or focus of photography. There are different sections to focus on, these are;

  • Commercial photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Scientific and industrial photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Fine art photography.

The specification is better than the generalization. Knowing your goals right on time and giving them laser focus will yield greater results.


The internship is one of the best ways to become a master in a particular skill. You get to learn under a master in the field and become better than you were before you started. The internship is not necessarily for starters or novices of a particular skill, it’s for people who want to be better, or above the average.

Take Exams for Certificates 

One easy way to test your competence is to take exams related to the field. These exams are not usually free. There are numerous certification exams available for photographers. Perfect examples of these certifications are;

  • Certified Professional photographer
  • Certified Forensic Photographer
  • Registered Biological photographer.

After getting your first certification in photography, you have to get a land your first photography job.

Land an Entry-Level Job in Photography

Some schools have a career center that can assist you with job interview tips and help students write effective resumes and cover letters. Students should leverage this particular resource to find a job.

Continue your Photography Education

There is no endpoint to learning a skill, you might want to polish your skills or learn new trends from time to time. Also, there are higher photography programs that can help you enhance your skills

How to be a Photographer With your Phone

If you cannot afford a camera yet or you are more friendly or comfortable with your phone, you can still learn photography. Below are some brief but comprehensive tips you can use to learn photography.

  • Get a good phone. Certainly, a phone with a very good camera. For example, an iPhone, a Samsung, or a Huawei.
  • Know how to adjust your camera settings to suit professional styles.
  • Know the advanced rules of photography

Phone or camera, you need some sort of education to become a professional photographer.


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