How to Become a Serverless Developer in 2022

Before we discuss our How to Become a Serverless Developer in 2022, let’s see what Being a Serverless Developer means. Serverless Developer is said to be building solutions with managed services from the likes of AWS, Google Cloud (GCP), OR Azure.

How to Become a Serverless Developer in 2022

You build solutions by mending together different services and running all of your business logic In AWS Lambda or CGP Cloud functioning instead of on a server.

Smart tech companies have started taking advantage of the scalability, reliability, and power of serverless to rapid growth and presently they need more server developers than ever.

How to Become a Serverless Developer in 2022

With the help of the server developer, you can be building at a fast rate and companies don’t need to hire operations specialists.

In this article, I will be showing you son steps to follow or rather learn on how to become a serverless developer so you can build some kick but products.

Have a Good Solid JavaScript or Python Skill

Trying to build a serverless system will be easy, if only you have a good grasp on the fundamentals of one of the common programming languages. You don’t need to be perfect, just being comfortable using your chosen language is key.

You need to be comfortable writing good code because it has a massive effect on the software you build. Serverless is like building blocks and the Lambda code is like the glue. The two languages are the most of the companies that will be using Serverless Architecture.

JavaScript (TypeScript) or Python is the language taught here on FreeCode Camp. This language was recommended so that you can write the framework code with the same language you write the Lambda code with.

Selecting of Framework

You need to pick a framework to help you create serverless components in AWS with a solid grasp of your language. There are many frameworks out there, but I advise you to select Serverless Framework or AWS CDK.

The serverless framework is very easy and simple to use for building why the Python developer at that moment may be the AWS CDK might be better suited for you.

Why use a Framework? You need it for building a solution. The issue is that it is not controllable, manageable, or scalable. Using a Framework will allow you to write Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This will permit you to use Git for version control. It makes work easier.

The Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework is easy to get started, with a large community, lots of tutorials, it proved in large, production workloads and has lots of plugins to make many jobs easier.

If you are making use of Python, you will have to configure it with YAML.


  • From AWS and is actively developed by them
  • The AWS is good support for almost anything
  • Some cool ways to create re-usable constructs
  • Growing community and pool of tutorials
  • Can define the config using Python
  • Not the same ‘Plugins’ ecosystem as the Serverless Framework

There is another framework, all these frameworks are designed to be very easy to do simple things.

Shadow a Class

You need to shadow a class with your framework chosen. You can start building things with it. The first thing to consider is to build an API using Lambda and API Gateway.

This work is very simple but will get you to practice with the core fundamentals of the framework. If you understand the fundamentals will help you learn or shadow more advanced things easier.

Why did you need a shadow class? When you shadow a tutorial, it should work without any issues. This means you can focus on learning about the service and how it fits in with everything else.

Learn more about the services you are using

You need to know everything about the service you are using. The things you need to know about the service I use are, what are some ideal use cases for using the service? What are some use cases where you should avoid using this service? What are its strengths, weaknesses, and limitations?

If you can know these three things, you will be much better able to decide whether a service will be a good fit for the solution you are presently building. You can learn from a range of places, tutorials, articles, and even the AWS Docs.

Build Your Own Projects

Since you can now build with the new service from the tutorial and have a good knowledge of when to use the service. From here it is time you use this service to build your own Projects.

I will suggest you start with a personal project that you can use just for practicing using new services. You can now start using it in making apps and this is where you’ll learn a lot about the details of a service. You learn how to make it meet the business supplies and how it works with other services


You can repeat 3-5 to look at how to build an API using the framework. This is not the end, as there is always more to learn and a way to become a better serverless developer. You can see more building in the YouTube channel.


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