How to Apply for C24 Capital Loan

Have you heard of C24 Capital Limited? Do you know that C24 is a loan firm that offers loans to users without collateral in Nigeria? With a quick and flexible loan application that will take five minutes to complete, they are able to assist you in solving your financing problems.

C24 Capital Limited
C24 Capital Limited

It’s good to use the loan calculator before you pick a package of loans. It will give you a simple and easy way to calculate the monthly and total payments for this particular plan, by simply entering the loan amount and moving your slider in any direction.

Loan Types for C24

Personal Loans:

You may apply for a C24 personal loan of up to 2 million Naira as an individual. Even bills of Payment, house rentals, medical, and other costs can be made easier with this loan. You must have the following information when applying for a personal loan:

  1. Photo of passport
  2. A valid National ID, Driver’s license, voter’s card, or any other valid identification means.
  3. Letter of employment
  4. Six months of your personal bank statement.
  5. Company identification
  6. Direct debit mandate

Business Loans

There are three types of business loans available through C24. These include:


In case of emergency, this loan shall be used by clients to support their businesses. This facility will give you access to emergency funds.

LPO Financing:

This package provides for the availability of advance financing needed to perform work and purchase orders by trusted suppliers and contractors. This will ensure the continuity of operations for businesses, and ultimately help to foster growth and expansion.

Lease Financing:

As the name implies, this allows the users to purchase equipment, tools, and machinery to invest for business use. Sometime in the future, you may be able to spread payments out fairly easily.

It is of particular relevance to entrepreneurs and start-ups. With the current range of lending possibilities in Nigeria, you will be able to select the best solution that fits your needs through this platform for comparing and recommending loans. It’s quite simple to use, and you just need a few minutes.

Interest Rate for C24 Loan

An annualized interest rate of 4 % per month is offered under C24’s loan, together with a monthly management fee of 4%. The management fee is part of your repayment plan, so you needn’t be afraid.

You must pay off your loan within three to nine months, and you’ll be able to do so via debit cards, cheques or Point of Sale terminals.

It is important to note that C24 charges you 1% per day after you default to make payments at the agreed time.

In general, when you need a quick solution and have the ability to pay it back quickly, C24 loans are more expensive in comparison with other loan options but they come at an advantageous price.

How Real Is a C24 Loan?

C24 Limited is a genuine company that offers loans at variable interest rates. You can contact them by email:

Pros of C24 Loans

  • There’s a high maximum amount of loan that you can get.
  • Processing of the loan is fast.

Cons of C24 Loans

  • Geographically restricted to only Lagos.
  • There is a high load of paperwork.

How to Apply for C24 Loan

Requirements for C24 Loans

  • Photograph of a recent passport.
  • A formal letter requesting a loan, dated with your company’s letterhead.
  • A direct debit mandate has been signed.
  • A copy of your utility bill, preferably a recent one.
  • A valid identification means.
  • Prior to applying for the loan, you must have been active in employment or at least six months of work.
  • You are to be or above the age of 22.
  • It’s compulsory that you have a fully functional bank account.
  • In order to prove that they can be paid back, you must have a and good transactional history.

Since C24 does not have an official app on either Play Store or App Store, you will have to request the loan from their official website: or by visiting their office in Lagos.

Here is a Detailed Process of How to Go About The Application:

  • Select the type of C24 loan that you’d like, for example, private loans, business loans or cash advances.
  • An application form for which you need to provide data like your BVN, address or other information will be available on the next page.
  • You can select an amount and tenor of the loan you would like by using this Loan Calculator. Which will allow you to calculate how much you may pay at the end of your credit term.
  • Tap on “Apply for this loan”
  • After submitting your application and complying with the conditions, we will review and accept it within two to three days.


C24 stands as one of the best loan platforms in Nigeria, providing loans at flexible rates with quick approval and disbursement time. The C24 application process is also relatively easy, however, be prepared for a lot of paperwork.



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