How Much Money Does a Psychologist Make Every Year

If you want to go into the field of Psychology, you must have asked the question “How Much Money Does a Psychologist Make Every Year?” you may also be wondering what the work hours will be like. The salaries of Psychologists vary according to different factors like educational levels and years of experience.

How Much Money Does a Psychologist Make Every Year

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How Much Money Does a Psychologist Make Every Year

a psychologist is a professional who uses various psychological evaluations and techniques to help people learn better or cope with circumstances of life and relationship issues and mental health conditions.

These professionals usually have degrees in the science of Human behavior. So many Psychologists have professional training and clinical skills to evaluate and treat mental health through Psychotherapy, psychological evaluations, and testing. Psychologists help people learn how to cope effectively with life and relationship issues and other mental health conditions.

Salaries for Various Psychology Jobs

In the table below, we have combined the median salaries for different psychology jobs, according to a record from the Bureau of labor statistics and the 2021 PayScale data.

Psychology Jobs Average annual salary
Career and School Counselor $58,120
Clinical Psychologist $81,650
Developmental Psychologist $67,990
Experimental Psychologist $81,350
Forensic Psychologist $72,370
Health Psychologist $81,630
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist $96,270
Psychiatrist $214,380
Marriage and Family Therapists $51,340
Neuropsychologist $94,550
School Counselor $58,120
School Psychologist $63,050
Social Worker $51,760
Sports Psychologist $72,260
Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Behavioral Disorder Counselors $47,660

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Salaries for Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists

The various areas, clinical, counseling, and school psychology are three of the most employment areas in psychology. People who work in any of these fields diagnose, and treat behavioral and emotional problems. They also deal with other problems like disabilities and mental disorders using individual, group, and family therapies. They may also design and implement various programs that help children with behavioral issues in children.

The salaries of these professionals may depend upon so many factors including the specific industry in which a Psychologist is employed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are the mean annual earnings for clinical, counseling, and school Psychologists in different industries;

Psychology Jobs Average annual salary
Outpatient care centers $109,100
Individual and family services $84,000
Home health care services $103,520
Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals $90,130
Elementary and secondary schools $80,960
Offices of physicians $99,590
Offices of other health practitioners $101,860


10 States Where Psychologists Earn the Most Money

According to BLS, the national average annual wage of a psychologist is $85,340. Which is about 64% higher than the average annual salary for all occupations, $51,960. However, the salaries of psychologists vary from state to state. The list below contains the ten highest paying states for psychologists;

  • Hawaii – $128,326
  • Massachusetts – $126,864
  • Nevada – $125,990
  • Rhode Island – $124,472
  • Oregon – $122,625
  • Alaska – $121,914
  • North Dakota – $120,916
  • Washington – $118,569
  • New York – $115,626
  • South Dakota – $114,967

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Average Psychologist Salary by State

The table below contains the average annual salaries and hourly wages of Psychologists in different states;

State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Hawaii $128,326 $61.70
Massachusetts $126,864 $60.99
Nevada $125,990 $60.57
Rhode Island $124,472 $59.84
Oregon $122,625 $58.95
Alaska $121,914 $58.61
North Dakota $120,916 $58.13
Washington $118,569 $57.00
New York $115,626 $55.59
South Dakota $114,967 $55.27
Maryland $113,314 $54.48
Virginia $111,098 $53.41
New Hampshire $109,067 $52.44
Nebraska $108,466 $52.15
Colorado $108,406 $52.12
California $108,173 $52.01
Delaware $107,927 $51.89
Idaho $107,232 $51.55
South Carolina $106,698 $51.30
Vermont $106,156 $51.04
Arkansas $105,769 $50.85
New Jersey $104,795 $50.38
Connecticut $103,025 $49.53
Kentucky $102,972 $49.51
Tennessee $102,714 $49.38
Oklahoma $102,436 $49.25
Michigan $102,358 $49.21
Arizona $101,792 $48.94
Maine $101,229 $48.67
Wyoming $101,153 $48.63
Minnesota $100,671 $48.40
Illinois $99,877 $48.02
Montana $99,687 $47.93
Indiana $98,693 $47.45
Missouri $98,422 $47.32
West Virginia $97,188 $46.73
Pennsylvania $95,403 $45.87
Texas $95,118 $45.73
Wisconsin $95,060 $45.70
Ohio $94,843 $45.60
Iowa $93,927 $45.16
Utah $93,474 $44.94
Kansas $91,016 $43.76
New Mexico $90,640 $43.58
Alabama $90,091 $43.31
North Carolina $89,935 $43.24
Mississippi $88,708 $42.65
Florida $87,319 $41.98
Georgia $81,413 $39.14
Louisiana $80,600 $38.75


How to Become a psychologist

There are four major steps to take to become a psychologist. They are properly explained below;

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Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to take here is to get a bachelor’s degree. Any bachelor’s degree. It can be from any field or subject. To be given an upper hand, choose a major that lends itself to a career in Psychology, such as social work, Psychology, or sociology.

Earn a master’s and/or a Doctorate Degree in Psychology

It is logical to say that master’s degree holders have more respect than bachelor’s degree holders. This depends on the area of Psychology you intend to practice. If you want to go into areas like child psychology, social work, marriage, and family therapy, you can get a license with a master’s degree in Psychology. However, a Ph.D. is more research-oriented.

Complete an internship or a Post-Doctoral Program

When you have completed a master’s or doctoral psychology program, you must complete an internship or post-doctoral program. This required program will give you an opportunity to work alongside licensed psychologists to gain hands-on training experience. Most states require 1500 to 2000 hours of training and at least one or two years of supervised professional experience according to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics.

Obtain a Psychology License

The requirements needed for Psychologists vary from one state to another. Contact your state board to understand the various requirements of your state. Now, get all the information and meet all the necessary education and professional requirements. After that, you will be required to pass the state examinations to get a license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Psychologist Is Paid the Most?

Psychiatrists are the most paid Psychologists. They prescribe medications for patients with mental illnesses. These career positions are by far the highest-paying jobs for psychology majors. The average salary is $214,830, according to PayScale.

What Do I Need to Become a psychologist?

To become a psychologist, you will first of all need a bachelor’s degree, preferably in psychology or a related field like education with a concentration in psychology. After that, the next step is to earn a master’s degree in psychology with relevant studies in psychology, research, and statistics.

How Long Does It Take to Become a psychologist?

The total time for advancing to having a doctorate in psychology is six to eight years. And this is the best pathway for several psychological disciplines.

What Subjects Do You Need for Psychology?

To become a psychologist, you will need a solid background in subjects like life sciences, social sciences, math, and communication. You will need to back up your studies with good study habits and relevant activities that will help give you the well-rounded background you need to succeed.

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