How Much Does It Cost to Change Brake Fluid?

How Much Does It Cost to Change Brake Fluid? If this question is running through your mind, you are reading the right article. Most drivers neglect this maintenance service and this causes further damage to the braking system of the vehicle with time.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Brake Fluid?

In this article, you would be educated on the cost of this maintenance service, how to purchase the fluid, and also a cost-effective way to carry out this service on your car.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Brake Fluid?

The cost of this service would depend mainly on your type of vehicle and the labor fee charged by your mechanic. This should be between $100 to $200. This amount covers the new fluid as well as the service fee. To get the exact price you would spend for this service, you should contact your auto service center.

Just like different components of the vehicle have a brake fluid, the braking system also has a brake fluid. From the power steering fluid to the transmission fluid to the coolant, these fluids have unique functions in the vehicle.

So, what is brake fluid? This is a hydraulic fluid that fills the braking system of your car. When force is applied to the pedal of a vehicle, this hydraulic liquid converts this force into hydraulic pressure. Thus, amplifying the force. With this, the car is able to come to a halt when the brakes are applied.

What is a Brake Fluid Change?

This is a maintenance service that involves draining the Master cylinder reservoir of a vehicle. After this is done, a fresh fluid would be poured into the cylinder. It’s that simple. Now, you may be wondering “Is a Brake Fluid Change Necessary?” The answer is Yes. The Braking system of your car generates much heat and this reduces the quality of the hygroscopic liquid over time.

This automotive fluid is also hygroscopic which means it can absorb moisture. This contaminates the Brake fluid as it is used continually. Another reason why the Brake fluid flush is necessary is that particles of dirt, metals, and rubber can build up in the Brake fluid of your car. This results in reduced Brake effectiveness and Brake failure over time.

What Color is the Brake Fluid When It Leaks?

You need to know the color of this liquid. When there is a leakage from beneath your vehicle, you would be able to tell which fluid is leaking by the color. The color of this fluid ranges from golden yellow to a clear color. This is based solely on the manufacturer’s preference. When you notice this color of leakage, you should be able to tell which fluid is leaking.

How to Buy Brake Fluid on Amazon

If you are looking for where to get this product, you are in the right place. On Amazon, you can get one of the best brake fluids. To get any of them, simply click on any of the links below:

You can purchase any of these products from Amazon by simply clicking on any of the links.

How to Change Brake Fluid

To save cost, you can as well carry out this service by yourself. This is quite easy to do and does not require any expertise or skill. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Park your car on a leveled surface.
  • Set the car in gear and place a barrier behind the tires to keep them from rolling.
  • Open the hood of your car and locate the Master cylinder.
  • Use a small siphon, turkey baster, or large syringe to drain out the fluid from inside the Master cylinder reservoir.
  • Ensure that the reservoir is fully drained.
  • Refill the reservoir with fresh Fluid up to the standard fill line.
  • Check the owner’s repair manual to know which brake caliper to bleed first.
  • Once you get the information on which brake caliper to bleed first, jack up that side of the car.
  • Remove the wheel to access the caliper that you are about to bleed.
  • Pour the Brake fluid through the tube.
  • Move to other brake calipers and bleed using the same process.
  • After the last wheel is bled you can fill the reservoir back to the fill line.
  • You can test run your car to be sure that everything is working fine.

If you follow the guide above carefully, you would have no issues with carrying out this service by yourself.

How often Should the Brake Fluid be Changed in a Car?

As a driver, you may be concerned about this question as you may want to keep your car running all the time. Depending on your driving system, you can carry out this maintenance every 2 years. To get an accurate schedule of this maintenance service, you should check the owner’s manual of your car. It is also recommended that you change this fluid any time you replace the pad and rotors of the braking system. This would improve the overall function of your car.



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