History of Valentine’s Day – Valentines Origin and How it all Started

Have you heard of the history of Valentine’s Day? Although almost all corners of the world know Valentine’s Day most of these people don’t even how it began. But there are still many who are curious about knowing the history of Valentine’s Day and also what it actually means.

So whether or not you are a valentine’s lover. One thing is quite clear the history of valentine goes way back and cannot be erased from the time book of history.

Well according to the topic I will tell you all you should or need to know about Valentine’s history and many more. You should just keep on reading and read this article in a step by step process, for a better understanding.

History of Valentine’s Day

When talking about the history of Valentine, you should also know that Valentine occurs annually every 14 of February. It is been celebrated by people through exchanging of gifts and love to prove their love to their partner or loved one.

The history of Valentine is not well known by many but this article will help to elaborate on it. valentine’s is not just about celebrating love but it should be a time of giving. And making peace with all the people you have wronged or has wronged you. so don’t just stop here read down to know more about the history of Valentine.

Valentines Origin

Saint Valentine’s Day was a feast day in the Catholic religion that was added to the liturgical calendar around 500 AD. (Thanks to Pope Gelasius!) The day was commemorated for martyred saints named as you well know Valentine.

Different legends celebrate three different saints called Valentine or Valentinus. But since there were just a few People who know about these men. And there were different reports of the Saint Valentine Day story. The feast day had to be removed from the Christian liturgical calendar in 1969.

Although not much is known about the real history of Saint Valentine’s on whom the holiday is based. The legend of Saint Valentine has several stories. One legend says that Saint Valentine refused to convert to paganism and was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II.

Prior to his death, he was able to miraculously heal the daughter of the jailer. Who then converted to Christianity with his whole family. Another legend says a bishop called Saint Valentine of Terni is the true namesake of the holiday; this Saint Valentine was also said to be executed.

But according to others—and this is how Saint Valentine became affiliated with a love-focused holiday—Saint Valentine was a Roman priest. Who performed weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry. This is because of a Roman emperor edict decreeing married soldiers did not make good warriors and thus young men could not marry.

This Saint Valentine wore a ring with a Cupid on it—a symbol of love—that helped soldiers recognizes him. And, in a precursor to greeting cards, he handed out paper hearts to remind Christians of their love for God. To get more details on the History of Valentine kindly click here.


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