Hidden Features that Most Nintendo Switch Fans Didn’t Know About

Here I would be giving you some Hidden Features that Most Nintendo Switch Fans Didn’t Know About. Whether you want to own the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite, or the Switch OLED, did you know that there are some great features that you can try out?

Hidden Features that Most Nintendo Switch Fans Didn’t Know About

While the Nintendo Switch has been out for quite some time now, some of its features are so niched that a lot of players do not know about it.

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Hidden Features that Most Nintendo Switch Fans Didn’t Know About

At the moment, you can say the Nintendo Switch is a widely successful console is not an overstatement. In February 2022, total sales of the switch surpassed 103 million, Making it more competitive against some of the best consoles of all time. Switch gamers get to select from a number of “Pokémon” games the beloved “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild.”

Both of these franchises would soon see new installments, which might drive up the sales of the switch once again. “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet” have been set to launch on November 18, 2022, and “The Legend of Zelda: tears of the kingdom” would launch on May 12, 2023.

Switch gamers have more than enough to be looking forward to, but just as our survey tells us, they also have a lot to learn concerning those hidden gems just waiting to be found inside their consoles.

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Surprising things your Nintendo Switch Can Do?

In order for you to find out the features of the Nintendo Switch that get the least coverage; we invited the readers to take part in a survey. Based on the response gathered from 611 of our readers based in the United States. We discovered that the least well-known Nintendo Switch feature remains one that allows your console to turn on your TV.

You were not aware that it was a thing? Well, do not worry because about 27% of participants had no idea, either. While in the TV Mode, you can choose to enable a setting called “Match TV Power State.” This would make the two consoles and the TV turn on and off at the same time, so your television would start up the moment your console does. Nintendo has an amazing quick guide on how to get this feature enabled.

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Also, it is close to the second here, though 25.37% of switch owners do not know about your console can help you find your lost Joy-cons would vibrate and help you locate it. Next, 20.95% of respondents weren’t aware that it is possible for you to simply change your region on your console in order to access a game that’s a game that is not available in your area just yet.

Another 14.08% of users do not know that you can head right into the settings to remap the buttons on joy-cons, and 11.95% weren’t aware that the switch has a dark mode option to give your eyes a bit of a rest. It is a great idea for you to do some digging through your switch settings – you might find some unexpected gems buried between the less-than-exciting options.

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