The Unlaunch of Nvidia’s Embarrassing RTX 4080 Cold Cost It

The unlaunch of Nvidia’s embarrassing RTX 4080 cold at the end of the day cost it dearly.

The Unlaunch of Nvidia’s Embarrassing RTX 4080 Cold Cost It

The Unlaunch of Nvidia’s Embarrassing RTX 4080 Cold Cost It

Right now, the Nvidia RTX 4080 12GB graphics card has been unlaunched and it will now very much be likely under a new name at some point in time. We are not really sure as to when we might see the rebranded RTX 4080 12GB, but we however expect it to make an appearance as an RTX 4070 Ti at the very least.

The Move Is a Very Sudden and Unexpected One from Nvidia

This is a very sudden and embarrassing move from the graphics card-making company no doubt, and it was so soon to the stipulated launch date. But it, however, does lead us to one very important question and that is, what happens to all those boxes? A very quick overhaul of the names kind of leaves the manufacturers of the card with tons of branded packaging that is now entirely unusable.

Two board partners however have now confirmed to Gamers Nexus, a YouTuber that Nvidia is willing to compensate them for the costs of having to destroy packaging that is already made up for the RTX 4080 12GB GPUs.

Wasteful and Time-Consuming

The RTX 12GB is a GPU that Nvidia probably wants to forget about and the destruction of the packaging is just a small part of the rebranding procedure, and if in the event that partners have already placed the GPUs in boxes and are ready for shipment, all of that will have to be undone which will further lead to more labor costs that should be considered, when you get to think of all the boxes loaded with ink that will have to be redone or even thrown away, for no really good reason, the discarded packaging really and incredibly is wasteful.


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