Health Data Analytics Graduate Fellowship 2023 – APPLY NOW

The Nigerian National Health Information System faces significant challenges, hindering its ability to provide crucial quality health data for informed decision-making.

Health Data Analytics Graduate Fellowship

These challenges stem from structural, governance, and capacity limitations in data analytics and coordination. Additionally, the disjointed development of data systems in the country contributes to the system’s weakness.

The Health Data Analytics Graduate Fellowship

Data analytics holds immense potential to transform healthcare in several ways. By enabling regular health outcome monitoring, enhancing decision support mechanisms, and informing policy development, data analytics can revolutionize the healthcare landscape. Utilizing data and analytics, policymakers and stakeholders can harness new tools to gain invaluable insights into population health, service quality, and financial implications.

About eHealth for Everyone Foundation

eHealth for Everyone Foundation is a mission-driven organization dedicated to leveraging technology-enabled solutions to improve healthcare delivery. Committed to making quality healthcare accessible for all, the foundation collaborates with individuals, healthcare providers, government departments, insurance organizations, and private sector players.

Objectives and Benefits of Health Data Graduate Fellowship

The Health Data Analytics (HDA) Graduate Fellowship is designed to drive technological and data analytical innovations on the MSDAT platform, enhancing healthcare delivery and system monitoring in Nigeria. The fellowship aims to:

  • Build local research capacity in health data analytics.
  • Support the development of the MSDAT health data platform.
  • Enhance utilization of the MSDAT platform.
  • Influence Health Information Systems (HIS) policy development.
  • Facilitate research report publication in recognized journals.

Fellows will benefit from:

  • Up to 1,000,000.00 for postgraduate research and expenses.
  • Opportunity to build capacity in research and health data analytics.
  • Potential job opportunities with eHealth4everyone upon fellowship completion.
  • Have access to and be connected to a network of like-minded individuals.
  • Receive Mentorship and support from the administering body.
  • Provision of datasets on request.

Qualification Requirements for Health Data Graduate Fellowship

  • To qualify for the fellowship, applicants must meet these requirements:
  • Hold a valid form of identification.
  • Be a postgraduate student of an accredited University.
  • Meet specific academic criteria, including CGPA and degree classifications.
  • Focus research goals on improving the Nigerian health system.
  • Address areas such as:
  • Data Management
  • Visual Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Data Integration
  • Health outcomes
  • Health financing
  • Health Workforce
  • Population and demographics
  • Health facility service availability and readiness
  • Health Impact
  • Advanced analytics
  • Open data advocacy
  • Big Data for health
  • Data demand and use
  • Statistical modeling of health data
  • Health Information System Interoperability
  • Artificial Intelligence

Application Process for Health Data Analytics Graduate Fellowship 2023

All Interested candidates can apply through the eHealth for Everyone Foundation’s website at:

The application process involves:

  • Completing the HDA fellowship form and attaching the required documents.
  • Submission of official transcripts, CVs, admission letters, and more.
  • Presenting a statement of purpose and research proposal.
  • Providing a recommendation letter and previously published paper if available.
  • Submitting a 2-minute video explaining the research proposal and motivation.

The fellowship committee will carefully review each proposal, and successful applicants will be notified within 8 weeks after the deadline. Selected individuals must accept the offer via email.

Application Deadline

August 30, 2023.

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