Google Analytics Academy – List of Google Analytics Academy Courses | How to Get Google Analytics Certification

Apply for google analytics academy to learn analytics online with free courses, Google Analytics doesn’t charge for its courses. The analytics academy allows you to acquire a certificate of completion at any time, you can track your progress in a course from your profile and you can also come back any time to complete assessments in a course.

Google Analytics Academy

The analytics academy will give you all the knowledge you should have about Google measurement tools, using them, you can grow your business with intelligent data collection and analysis. In this post, we shall be sharing with you every basic information you should know about the analytics academy.

Google Analytics Academy | What Languages are Available on the Analytics Academy?

Different languages from a different regions of the world are available at the Analytics Academy. Here, we will be sharing a list with you, the list contains languages available on the Analytics Academy. Below is the list of languages available at the Analytics Academy.

  • Czech.
  • Dutch.
  • English.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Indonesian.
  • Italian.
  • Japanese.
  • Korean.
  • Polish.
  • Portuguese.
  • Russian.
  • Spanish.
  • Simplified Chinese.
  • Traditional Chinese.
  • Turkish.
  • Vietnamese.

To switch between languages, you can use the language selector. The language selector button can be seen at the bottom right corner of your screen.

List of Google Analytics Academy Courses

The analytics academy hosts 6 online courses with free certificates. Here, we will be listing these 6 courses. Below is the list of all the courses offered on the analytics academy.

  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics 360

Here are all the courses you can enroll in at the analytics academy. Enrolling in the courses is free, certificates of completion are also issued for free.

Google Analytics Academy Requirements

To view the contents of courses on google analytics classroom you must have an internet-enabled device, most importantly, you must have a google account that will be used to access this feature. To watch videos of courses you must have the following;

  • One of the following web browsers

o   Google Chrome

o   Firefox

o   Safari

  • Very fast internet connection.

These are everything you will be needing to use the analytics academy. No fee is required to use this service.

How to Get Google Analytics Certification

Here, we will be putting you through the steps involved in acquiring a google analytics certification, right from the sign-up process to the very end. Follow the instructions below to acquire a certification from the analytics academy.

  1. The first step is signing up to google partners. Only people who are signed up by google partners are eligible to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ). Click here to join Google Partners.
  2. Do your homework and complete all assessments.
  3. Apply for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), follow the instructions below to apply.
  4. Go to google partners then click on Certifications.
  5. Click on See Exams, hover over the exam section than from the drop-down menu click on Exam Details.
  6. Click on Take Exam.
  7. On completing the instructions above, the exam will begin right on your computer screen.

The exam lasts for 90 minutes, after 90 minutes, the exam will automatically be submitted. You will need a minimum score of 80% to pass the exam.

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