10 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Baby Mama In April 2023

This article contains some Happy New Month Prayer for Your Baby Mama in April 2023. If you have a baby mama and you are looking for the best ways to put a smile on her face this new month. send her one of the messages or prayers you will find in this article.

10 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Baby Mama in April 2023

Happy New Month Prayers for your Baby Mama

Here are some happy new month prayers you can send to your baby mama in April 2023.

Prayer For Thanksgiving

I thank God for your life and I pray that you will always live to render thanks and that your thanksgiving will always be acceptable to God.

Prayer for Testimony

Your mouth will never be tired to give thanks to God and render thanks to God. The Lord will constantly do great things for you and your family members will never lack testimonies.

Prayer Against unfriendly friends

I cast out every wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding in your life. Also, pray that the friends you choose will have a positive influence on your life.

Prayer for Wisdom

I pray in this new month of April that the good lord will give you the wisdom to overcome every challenge of life. The good lord will give you the wisdom to make even the toughest decisions. Amen


Grace will always abound in your life. Furthermore, God’s grace will bring better blessings into your life. Happy New Month!

Prayer for Wealth

God is the highest treasurer, and he will entrust his vast wealth to you. You will also have enough for yourself and to give. Happy New Month!

Prayer for Understanding

I pray that the Lord will reveal a new level of understanding to you. They will make sense to you as you read your books or the Bible.

Prayer for Blessings

Blessings will be a constant in your life this month. You will experience blessings left and right, up and down. So, continue to be blessed.

Prayer Against Stagnancy

Everything that is causing stagnation in your life has been uprooted and cast out. You will also keep moving forward. When you move forward, you will pull others with you. Happy New month!

Prayer Against Laziness

Throughout the new month and beyond, you will be fighting Laziness in your life. Laziness will also no longer have a say in your life. And your efforts will be rewarded.

Happy New Month Messages for your Baby Mama

Here are some happy new month messages you can send to your baby mama in April 2023.

  • Now that the past month is over, I pray that all the energy you have spent will be replenished. Happy new month.
  • For all the time you have been there for me despite all the ups and downs, I wish you a happy new month, My friend.
  • Of all the friends I have, you have been the sincerest. You are sincere in keeping your word no matter the pressure. Happy new month.
  • The good lord will bless you in all that you do this month. And as the mother of my child, you will never lack any good thing. Happy new month.
  • The good lord will guide and keep you. You shall be blessed in your going out and coming in. You shall be favored in all you do, Amen.
  • May the good lord guide you and keep you. May his face shine upon you and may you receive peace. Happy new month, Mother of my child.
  • The month of March is about to tick out. May you be blessed in all your endeavors from the beginning of the month to the end. Happy new month.
  • The time has come again to put up a smile and wrap up the initial month that has passed. A happy new month to you dear.
  • A happy new month to you baby mama, the one whose needs consist in checking on me to be sure that I am ok.
  • May the goodies that the new month brings fall upon you. Cheers to my baby mama. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Prayers for Yourself

You may have been sending out messages or wishes to other people. Here are some prayers you can say for yourself this new month;

  • The dawning of a new day is the sign of victory over dusk. I am entitled to victory in everything that I do this month. No man shall be able to stand in my way.
  • This month is the beginning of better things in my life. I declare a new beginning over my life in this new month. I receive the strength to do that which appears impossible to others.
  • In this month of the year, I receive clear guidance for my smooth navigation in the year. I am more than a conqueror. I am an overcomer.
  • No matter how long and overdue my blessings are, this month, I receive the grace of newness to get all of them afresh. I am coming out anew, amen.
  • I pray over my life that every morning in this new month will take me into the land of possibilities. None of my expectations shall be truncated.
  • I am a jewel in the lord’s hand. Therefore, all stumbling blocks on my way to greatness will become stepping stones for me. I am above every principality and power, amen.
  • I may be delayed but I can never be denied because no matter how long it takes, my breakthroughs are sure to come. I am destined for upliftment. I cannot be drowned by the worries of life.
  • I will be sought after by all men, women, young and old for good. I am a problem solver and not an addition to problems. I am a treasure to be cherished and not a trach to be trampled upon.
  • As every day has its own packages, every month comes with its own treasures. I am connected to the divine hand of provisions in this new month.
  • This month is known as the month of newness, the month of new beginnings. I key into the blessings of the new month, I am positioned for greatness this new month, Amen.

Do well to share the messages in this article with your loved one. Do not forget to pray for yourself as well.

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