9 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Baby Mama in December 2022

It’s a festive period and the perfect time to show how much you love and appreciate your loved ones. And your baby mama is not an exemption at all.

9 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Baby Mama in December 2022
9 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Baby Mama in December 2022

Yes! It is important to pray and always wish those who are close to you well, in so doing, they will feel loved and comfortable whenever you are around. Hence, the need for giving you a list of 9 happy new month prayers for your baby mama in December 2022.

9 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Baby Mama in December 2022

Your baby mama is the one that gave birth to your child or rather children and she deserves your prayers and best wishes. With prayers, you can wish your baby mama a happy new month in December.  Below are outlined prayers you can pray for your baby mama.

Prayers of Love and Kindness

While saying this word of prayer for your baby mama, you should place emphasis on having a heart full of love and kindness. You can say a prayer of this nature: I pray that God almighty, fill your heart with love and kindness to be at peace with yourself and with your spirit. I pray that from within you, you will spread love and kindness.

Peace of Mind

In this month of December, I pray that you find a peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that worries and anxieties stay far from you in Jesus’ name. You shall find peace in whatever you find yourself doing. You shall live a peaceful life in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Against Stagnation

I pray that you shall not stagnate in life. In this month of December, I pray that you shall move forward in all you find yourself doing, you shall make progress and the work of your hands shall be blessed.

Prayer For Grace

My dear, I place you in the hands of God and I pray that the grace of God that speaks for the benefit of men speaks for you also. You are graced from now on.

Prayer For Long Life

My dear the bible says with long life the lord shall satisfy you. You shall live and not die. You shall experience no loss of any kind. Because Jesus lives you shall live also.

Prayer for Good Health

In this month of December and beyond you shall live and spend your days in good health. You shall not experience any health challenges. You shall live a healthy life in wealth.

Prayer of Protection

The Bible says he shall build a wall of protection around you and no evil shall come before you. In this festive period, you are covered and highly protected by the lord. Your dwelling is safe and secured.

Prayer of Fulfilment

In life, there is something called fulfilment and when this is in place, you have full control of the stability of your mind. So, I pray, you shall live a fulfilled life free from worries and pain. You will live your life thanking God every day for the peace he has given you.

Prayer of Mercy

My dear, I appreciate the fact that you are the mother of my children and I love the good work you have placed in them so far. And I pray, that in all you engage in, in the month of December, you shall express the mercy of the lord. Amen.

Best December Wishes for your Baby Mama

Here are some December wishes you can send to your baby mama:

  • I wish you my dear in this month of December, happiness, success, peace, prosperity, good health and also wealth.
  • I pray that God will take your worries, failure and anxieties away from you in this month of December.
  • Cheers to an awesome and interesting month, my dear. A month full of fun with you and the kids, a month full of adventures and gladness.
  • In this month of December, you shall experience joy unspeakable and an abundance of happiness.
  • You shall experience God’s favour and mercy in this month.
  • May all that you do in this month of December be productive and full of success dear.
  • It’s my prayer that you make every second, minute, day and even week of this month count.
  • In this month, your expectation will not be cut short.


It is said that words are like seeds, and when planted, grow into a very big tree. Well, what this simply means is, your words can go a long way in telling a person how much you care and appreciate the person. Hence, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and express your heartfelt love to your baby mama.



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