7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Sister in December 2022

December is one season people express how much they care about you. You can do the same to others by sending words of prayers and best wishes to them, mostly those from your family.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Sister in December 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Sister in December 2022

Talking about family, it will not be a bad idea to say prayers to your sister as the new month approaches.

7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Sister in December 2022

This article contains a list of 7 happy new month prayers for your sister in December 2022.  We will be helping you will all the details you need. we assure you, that sending amazing prayers and wishes will create a lasting love connection between you and your sister. Below is outlined a list of prayer points you can send to your sister:

New Month Prayer of Mercy

By the mercy of the lord, you shall do an exploit in the new month. Just like what the word of God said, by the mercy of the lord we are not consumed, with this, I pray, by the mercy of God you shall not be seen not shame.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

It is a new month and a festive period, and I want to thank God for making you see this amazing month filled with love, happiness, joy and more. I thank God for giving you the gift of life and good health this month. The happy new month my dear.

New Month Prayer of Provision

I pray for you dear sister the windows of heaven shall be open to you and you will get the blessing of the lord that there will be no room to contain it. The happy new month my dear.

Prayer of Favour

The best thing that can very happen to anyone is having the favour of God. This is simply a paid ticket to success. So, my dear, I pray that you shall experience the Favour of the lord and also find favour before men in this new month. Happy New Month my love.

Prayer of Protection

And if the lord is for you my dear, no one can be against you. So, I pray that you are covered and free from evil. You are highly protected and no evil shall come near your dwelling. Happy new month my dear sister.

New Month Prayer of Good Health

It is said that health is wealth! So, I pray, that you shall live your day in good health. In this new month and beyond, you shall not experience any health challenges. My dear a happy new month to you!

Prayer of Promotion

The proof of being blessed is not staying in one stagnate position. So, my prayer for you this month and beyond is that you experience promotion in all you do. That you will be blessed all around. Happy new month my dear.

New Month Prayer of Direction

In this month and beyond, I pray the lord directs your part. With the direction of the lord, you shall see no shame or fall into the plans of the wicked ones. Happy new month my lovely sister.

Happy New Month Messages and Wishes for your sister in December 2022

Here are new month’s messages and wishes you can send to your sister in December:

  • God will guide you toward the right path of success and dominion this new month my dear sister. Have a pleasant new month.
  • In this new month, you will be unstoppable. An overflow of God’s blessing shall surround you. Happy new month my dear.
  • May you know nothing but joy everlasting this month. Do have a blessed month this month!
  • This month shall be filled with abundance for you and your family. Happy new month sist!
  • In this month. Miracles shall surround you in all you do. Happy new month my best sister!
  • I call you my number one big sister because you became my mum after mom left, so this month, I pray for you, you shall see nothing but love and happiness. Happy new month my dear.
  • It’s a new month of laughter and joy for you. May you never have a reason not to celebrate this month.
  • May this month and every other month after be full of gladness, laughter, love and pleasant surprise. Happy new month my love.
  • Cheers to an awesome and interesting month ahead. A month full of fun, adventures, and gladness. Happy new month sisi!
  • It’s my prayer that you make every second, minute, day and week of this month count. Happy new month, my dearest sis.
  • I just want to wish you a beautiful, amazing, sweet month ahead of you. Happy new month to you, my sister.


My sister my pride! Your sister is you and by praying for her you are also praying for yourself. Note, you can simply build a standing relationship with your sister by taking any available opportunity to apricate her!



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