7 Happy New Month Prayers for your Pastor in December 2022

Pastors are human beings and they should be treated with love and affection by people around them.

7 Happy New Month Prayers for your Pastor in December 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayers for your Pastor in December 2022

Sending your pastor, a happy new month prayer would really mean a lot to him. Hence, it would show how much you care and love home. On this note, we decided to give a list of 7 happy new month prayers for your pastor in December 2022.

7 Happy New Month Prayers for your Pastor in December 2022

You will be seen as a caring person if only you show it. Well, having a spiritual head that often speaks positively about your life is more than having wealth. Thus, it would only be nice and amazing if you returned the favour. You can do this not just with gifts but also with prayers. Below are prayers you can send to your pastor for the new month:

Happy New Month Prayer of Knowledge

I pray for you daddy, that the lord will fill you will great wisdom to lead his people in accordance with his ways. You shall work with great knowledge that will bring you standing before kings. Happy new month sir!

Prayer for Insight

Daddy, it’s my prayer that you would have great insight and revelation of plans for you, your family and your ministry. Your eyes would be greatly opened to see the dimensions of God’s plans. Happy New Month Sir.

Happy New Month Prayer for Good Health

The word of God said we shall spend our day in good health. I pray you shall have no health challenges or health difficulties. In Good health, you will spend your days. Blessed new month sir!

New Month Prayer of Promotion

The blessing of the lord markets rich and adds no sorry. I pray that you shall experience promotion in all you do. You shall be blessed in you going in and also coming out. For every food work you do, you shall receive a double passion of blessing. Happy new month daddy!

Prayer for Wealth

Dear daddy, it is my prayer for you this month and beyond that, the lord blesses you beyond your imagination. I pray that you will live in good health and in wealth. Happy new month sir.

Happy New Month Prayer for Direction

Daddy, so far you have led us in the direction of godliness and I want to say a very big thank you and say these words of prayer for you. I pray that God will direct you in all your ways and strengthen your part. Happy new month sir.

New Month Prayer for Godliness

Happy New Month sir! I pray in this new month; you shall increase in Godliness and in grace. Christ will deeply see in you and you shall see now evil. Bless month sir.

How to Send a Happy New Month Prayer to Your Pastor in December 2022

Sending a new month’s prayer to your pastor is very easy but it is important you do it with respect and in a more palatable way. This is because he is your head and when he sees your mana or gifting, we will be moved to bless you either in words, money or in creating a standard relationship with you. Below are ways you can send prayers to your pastor:

  • You can send it by phone call.
  • Through SMS.
  • Or you can write it in a note and place it in a gift you want to present to your pastor.

In this these it, it would show how highly your respect him or her.

Happy New Month Wishes to your Pastore in December 2022

Below are outlined wishes you can send to your pastor for the new more:

  • May all that you do in this new month sir be very productive. Have a blessed new month!
  • I just want to wish you an amazing and beautiful month ahead. Happy New Month!
  • I pray that God will take your worries and anxieties away and crown you with peace of mind. Happy new month sir!
  • In this new month, may you soar above every failure and even disappointment? Happy new month sir.
  • You shall experience joy unstoppable and also overflowing peace this month. Happy new month pastor.
  • I wish you happiness, peace, prosperity, good health and also wealth this month. Happy new month sir.
  • Daddy, you shall experience a turnaround in your ministry and family. Blessed new month sir.


Your pastor is your spiritual father and it is your responsibility to show him how much you love and appreciate him through your messages and gifting. You can take advantage of this new month and show him how much you apricate his work as a father and a pastor.



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