Happy New Month Message for your Husband this December

Husbands are indeed blessings to their families. While a large proportion of the world sees men as fairly responsive to compliments and romantic messages, the fact remains that they are moved by the slightest words of affection.

Happy New Month Message for your Husband this December
Happy New Month Message for your Husband this December

This article contains some affectionate Happy New Month messages you could send to your husband this December.

Happy New Month Message for your Husband this December

Husbands are hardworking men who always want the best for their families. You should count yourself lucky if you have a spouse who puts family first.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to pray and show love to the man that God has given you.

How Should You Wish Your Husband a Happy New Month?

There are countless ways to wish your husband a happy new month.

  • Send him a surprise gift at his place of work with a written “happy new month” note.
  • Send him any of the messages in this essay as a “happy new month” text.
  • Prepare his favourite meal.

Wishes for a Happy New Month for Your Husband in December 2022

Here are some examples you could send to your husband in December 2022.

  • Welcome to the month of success and divine favour. You have made me a very happy and successful woman. I wish you happiness in this new month, darling. My love, I wish you a happy new month.
  • A new dawn and a month filled with undiluted grace are what I wish for you, my love. Thank you for loving me beyond my flaws. Happy new month, baby.
  • I know you could not achieve all your goals last month. This new month, I pray that God grants you the grace to fulfil all your dreams.
  • You are getting your promotion this month. Therefore, rejoice and love this new month, darling. Happy new month!
  • It is a brand-new baby. May all your dreams come true this month. Enjoy the new month, my king.
  • You have always put a smile on people’s faces, even if it is at your own risk. Therefore, get ready to receive blessings from all angles. Happy new month, babe.
  • This new month will be better than the former. I pray that your blessings will not become once-in-a-lifetime events. Welcome to the month destined for greatness, my handsome husband.
  • In this new month, you shall receive unending joy and long-lasting happiness and eat the fruit of your labour. My king, I wish you a happy new month.
  • My darling husband, you have worked very hard this past month. Therefore, in this month, you shall reap the very fruits of your labour. Happy new month, sweetheart.
  • To my lovely husband, may this month give you all the riches and favour you need for upliftment. Happy new month, sweetie.
  • I want you to step into this new month with joy, hope, and positivity because it is going to be a month of answered prayers. My king, I wish you a happy new month.
  • My prayer for you this new month is that you receive abundant grace and blessings. Happy new month, my husband.
  • The children love you; people cherish you, and I adore you. You give without grumbling. In this new month, may the good Lord shower you with unexpected favour.
  • Walk majestically into the new king you are and enjoy all the blessings that come with it. Happy new month, darling!
  • Here’s to a fruitful and fulfilled month. Enjoy it to the fullest, baby.
  • In this new month, let your faith be at its strongest. May it be strong enough to chase your fear. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about since God is going to make you successful. My king, I wish you a happy new month.
  • The sun’s brightness cannot be dimmed even by a 100-yard cloth. In this new month, you will shine beyond your expectations.
  • I welcome my husband to the month when dreams will become reality. Happy new month, baby.
  • May you experience success and breakthroughs in this new month. Happy new month, baby.
  • Dream big, remain fearless, work hard, and pray hard, and the new month is going to favour you. My king, I wish you a happy new month.
  • as the sun shines brightly and cannot be covered. So, in this new month, you will shine beyond all your expectations. Happy new month, Hubby.
  • I pray that in this new month, contracts that will put a smile on your face and that of your kids and me will come. Walk into the new month with excitement. My love, I wish you a happy new month.
  • Don’t dwell on your failures. Don’t dwell on the pain of the previous months, my king. Rather, look into the causes of these failures and make adjustments. I know this month will surely be better than previous months.
  • There are four weeks in a month. I wish you a favour in the first week, a stress-free second week, a breakthrough in the third week, and, to crown it all, success in the fourth week. Have an unlimited blessing this month, my heartbeat.
  • In this very month, may you be blessed and be a blessing to other people? I wish you a blessed month.

Happy Birthday Message for Your Loving Husband This December

Are you celebrating your husband’s birthday this December? Coupled with all the gifts that you will present to him, you can send him some of these messages:

  • Your passion, love, kindness, and fun-filled spirit are one of a kind. My dear husband, I am ecstatic that I get to spend the rest of my life with your darling. Happy birthday, hubby!
  • My love for you grows forever and ever. I am always discovering a new reason to love you every single day. You are an amazing soul. I feel so lucky to have you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • To my wonderful husband, I wish you a happy birthday. You deserve the best of everything, and I hope you get it all the days of your life. Happy birthday, husband.
  • You have a way of bringing light and joy with you wherever you go, and that is the reason why I want to marry you. Happy birthday, and thank you for being part of my life.
  • If I could go back in time, I would do everything all over again, but only with you. Our love is timeless and eternal. Happy birthday, my husband!
  • All the memories I have of my marriage with you have been the very best. Thank you for all that you do. Happy birthday.
  • Darling, you mean so much to me, and this is a reminder to you that I love you so much, now and forever. Thank you for being a perfect partner through thick and thin. Happy birthday, dear.
  • I want to remind you how very special you are to me. Happy birthday, darling.
  • You have given me so much—even more than I had hoped to have in this life. Thank you for making me feel loved and cared for. Thank you for sticking with me through all the ups and downs of life. Happy birthday, darling.
  • You make me complete, my sweetheart and best friend. You are my one and only, and I will forever live to celebrate you.


As stated above, there are many ways to show love and affection to your husband, and wishing him a happy birthday in the most special way is one of them. Take advantage of the new month by using any of the samples given above.



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