7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Fiance in December 2022

This content contains a list of 7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Fiance in December 2022.

7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Fiance in December 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Fiance in December 2022

Well, as we all know it’s a festive period, just the right time to show that one person who means a lot to you how much you truly love him. On this note, we bring to you a list of new month prayer points to send to your fiance in December.

7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Fiance in December 2022

Do you want to send a lovely happy new month prayer to all special people in your life this December mostly your fiancé? If yes, you are just with the right article. Well, as easy as it may sound, most people still don’t know the right words to use while praying for their loved ones. We got to understand this and thought of helping out using this content. Below is a list of prayer points you can send to your fiance.

Good Health

I pray my dear, just as the bible has promised us good health, you shall spend your days in good health and your years in peace. You shall not struggle with health nor will your health takeaways your peace and your finance. Health is wealth and as you grow in wealth, you will also grow in good health. Happy New Month!


It’s a new month my love and in this month, you shall experience an unending miracle. Your long and awaiting expectations will come to you unmeasurable. Your secret prayers will be answered this month and it will be an amazing one for you. Happy New Month Babe.

Prayer for Prosperity

My love, I welcome you to this new month with this prayer, that you will grow in your finance and you shall not lack. The wealth of this month is yours. It’s a new month a new beginning for your finances and a new level for your business and the work of your hands. Happy New Month my dear.

Prayers for Heart Desires

I am close to you because and more like a mother and I know you too well but God knows you better and knows your heart’s desire. So, I pray that in this new month, whatever, you wish for will be granted to you. You will rejoice for the news of God’s response to your heart’s desires and you will say if not God who is by me. Happy New Month my love.


My love, in this new month, you will experience a turnaround in all you do. You will not be stagnated, but promoted and blessed in all you do. This yes will be counted as one of the best years for you so far. I pray the window of heaven opens to your favour.

Prayers of Protection

Happy New Month to you, my love. I pray in this New Month you are covered and protected from the eye of the evil ones. The works of wickedness shall be far from you and you shall live and not die.

Prayer of Elevation

It’s my prayer for you this month that you experience a massive turnaround and upliftment on every side, my love. Happy New Month dear!

How Can I Send a Happy New Month Prayer to my Fiance?

It is not difficult to send a happy new month prayer to your fiance. However, you should do it in a more romantic way. You say sent him flowers and add a note which contains words of prayers to him. You can also invite him over for lunch and text him words of prayers to him while he is eating.

How do you Wish Someone a Happy New Month in December? 

You can send a message like: These are my wishes for you this new month and beyond. Surprises, elevation, peace, breakthrough, joy and favour come to you this month. Happy New Month and Happy December!

Why is December the Month of Love?

Every month is all month of love. However, the month of December is all about forgiving, giving chances and confessing your true feeling to the one before it’s too late. Hence, if one does the next year goes by with beautiful memories to come.

What Is Happy Sweet December?

Well, December is a traditional Karen holiday that ushers in the Christmas season on the last night of November. The Karen is an ethnic group from Burma food and fun were had by all to commence the month and celebration.

How Do you Pray for a New Month?

Yes, this is because during that period most businesses and institutions would be on break and everyone will want to spend the season with their family, friends and loved ones. However, it is also a month for bond renewals and family reunions.



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