7 Happy New Month Prayer for Triplets in November 2022

It is another opportunity to wish your loved ones a happy new month. The 7 happy new month prayers for triplets in November 2022 contained in this article are the ideal types of prayers you should use.

7 Happy New Month Prayer for Triplets in November 2022

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7 Happy New Month Prayer for Triplets in November 2022

Triplets are gifts from God and are very rare people on earth today. Count yourself lucky if you can find a triplet in your life. They are as special as every other person and they deserve equal love and care as every other person.

Why you should send Happy New month Wishes

There are lots of reasons why you should send happy new month wishes and prayers to all your friends and relatives, some of which are below;

  • To wish them blessings and the goodness of God
  • To make them aware that you still love and remember them
  • We send happy new month texts and wishes to our loved ones to initiate bonds and conversations.

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Top Happy New month Prayers you can send to triplets in November 2022

Here are some samples of happy new month prayers you can send to any set of triplets you know;


It is very necessary that they stick together despite their differences. Naturally, triplets are known to go through lots of arguments and fights. Say this prayer for them to keep their bond strong. The happy new month my wonderful triplets, may your bond continue to grow strong. There shall be no reason for disagreements and fights this month, Amen.


No one is immune from the worries of life that drain strength away. Say this prayer for them in this regard.

May you remain mentally, and physically strong. As you go through life, may the challenges and hurdles or life not weaken you. Amen

Open Doors

The importance of open doors cannot be over-emphasized as we all need open doors to move from one level to another.

To my favorite triplets, I pray that all doors of opportunities will be open to you to move to the next level, amen


As triplets, the major force that will keep their bond as strong as ever is love.

I pray that the love you all have for each other will continue to blossom. And there shall be no strife amongst you, amen.


One of the most important requirements for healthy living is peace. Say this prayer for your favorite set of triplets

I pray that in the month of November, you shall walk into peace and tranquility. Nothing will take away your peace, amen

Academic Success

It is very important to make this prayer if your triplets are students.

May the good lord grant you success in your academics this month and beyond. I wish you a happy new month. Amen.

Long Life

It is very nice to have triplets start together and live up to good old age.

May the good lord bless you and your siblings abundantly with long life, prosperity, and good health in Jesus’ name. Happy new month.

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Happy New Month Prayers and Blessings to everyone

Here are some sample new year wishes you can send to all your contacts;

  • May God remember you for good this new and beautiful month and may he bless you abundantly. Happy New Month to you.
  • This new month, all-around success, joy, happiness, and blessings shall be your portion today and throughout the month, Amen. Happy New Month to you.
  • Untimely death will never be your portion in this new month, but good health of mind, body, and soul will God give you today and forever. Happy New Month to you.
  • May the almighty God take you to new and greater heights than ever before in this new month and bless you in all your endeavors, amen. Happy New Month to you.
  • I pray that every single day of this month will bring you so many reasons to smile, to celebrate, and be thankful for everything, amen. Happy New Month!
  • This new month will give you an experience of abundance, happiness and prosperity, unspeakable joy, and unending bliss. Happy New Month to you, my wonderful friend.
  • May the favor of the lord locate you in this new month. The presence of the lord will abide with you always, and The blessings of God will rest upon you today and beyond. Happy New Month to you dear friend.
  • In this new month, I pray that God will separate you and place you where your helper will see and bless you abundantly. Happy New Month to you.
  • As you enter into a brand new day of another month, I pray that you will always enjoy the blessings of God’s presence and goodness today and always. Happy New Month to you.
  • In this new month, may new opportunities spring up in the midst of every obstacle for you, and may God give you the insight to fulfill your dreams today and throughout the month, amen. Happy New Mont

In conclusions. As we move into the new month, keep in contact with your friends and loved ones, and let the “happy new month” not be your only conversation.

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