7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Pastor in November 2022

This article contains a list of 7 happy new month prayers for your pastor in November 2022. It is true your pastor is your spiritual head and as such is known as a spiritual mediator. You can reach out to him for prayers and counselling on important matters.

7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Pastor in November 2022
7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Pastor in November 2022

Furthermore, they are always available in rendering spiritual help. Having known all the wonderful works God has been using your pastor to do, it would be out of place to send words of prayers to make him feel loved and appreciated.

7 Happy New Month Prayers for Your Pastor in November 2022

Prayers go a long way in a person’s life although outside making them feel loved and appreciated, also shows you simply want the best for them. Although you can make silent prayers, it is important to make it known to the person as a sign of encouragement.

How to Send Happy New Month Prayers to Your Pastor

There are several means of sending prayers. Well, this means is kind of similar to how you send it to your friends and loved ones. Some of these means include:

  • Sending the Prayers through text messages.
  • Next is sending the prayers through either WhatsApp, telegram, or any social medial platform you both share.
  • lastly, you can simply give your pastor a call to state your words of prayer. However, you should be sure of his free time before calling and when you must have ended the call, you can send him something nice.

On this note, we will be giving you a list of prayer points that would be very useful.

7 Happy New Month Prayers to Send to your Pastore

Below are suggested words of prayers you can send:

  • I wish you a happy new month and I say these words of prayers to you that in the name of Jesus, your mornings, afternoons and evenings of the day of this month arrive awesomeness. I pray that may every day of this month be beautiful to you as you have been phenomenal in my life. Once again happy new month sir.
  • The Days of this month will be joyful to you and beautiful to every member of your home. I pray that a new month’s breakthrough month be for you in this new month. And you will go through anything standing against you.
  • Happy new month sir and ma I want to wish you a happy new month and also say these words of prayer to you. In Jesus’ name, I pray that the world will crown your effort in making the day of people around you awesome. You have positively influenced my life over time and with God’s help, I will always extend my care to you and your family. I pray God Bless you richly. Amen.
  • A beautiful new month to you sir and this is my prayer for you. I pray that all that you have wished for in the previous month that you could not get comes to you in abundance this new month. Brace up for an unbelievable breakthrough, you will be getting a bumper package this new month in Jesus’s name. Happy New Month sir and Ma.
  • This new Month your disappointments will turn into favour and start to rejoice because joy, peace, honours, wealth, and victory are all yours for the taking. Happy New Month.
  • This is my prayer for you, sir, that the lord supplies all your needs in this new month in Jesus’ name. Expand your barn and be set to receive in multiple folds. Happy New Month Sir/ Ma.
  • In this new month, I pray that God will put a new and fresh spirit within you and may the God that you serve meet you at the point of your need in this new month and beyond. Happy New Month Sir/ Ma.

Happy New Month Wish and Messages to Send to Your Pastor

Here is an outside list of new month wishes and messages that will make your branch pastor feel appreciated by you:

  • This new month your disappointments will turn into favours, start to rejoice because of joy, peace and all the good things the lord will provide for you this month.
  • In this new month, I pray that God will put a new insight and fresh anointing within you and upon you. May the God that you serve supply your needs with his external riches in this new month and beyond.
  • In this new month, I pray that you will be the planting of the lord, you will bear many fruits to the glory of God you will find strength in his presence. Happy New Month to you Pastor.
  • I pray that God will Look on you and give you joy on every side. I pray God in his manifold wisdom guide the way you teach and preach. Blessed New Month to you Sir and Ma.
  • May God’s abounding presence and grace never depart from your heart in Jesus’s name. Happy and blessed new month.
  • I pray that God will grace you with his strength, fight for you and put your enemies in everlasting silence. Happy Blessed Month Sir.
  • In your ministry, I pray that you will continue to flourish like the cedar tree of Lebanon by the river and be strong in your inner man.

What are the 7 Most Powerful Prayers

Below is a list of the seven most powerful prayers:

  • Our Father.
  • Jesus at Gethsemane.
  • Hail Mary.
  • Devid Prayer For deliverance.
  • Prayer to St.
  • Jonah’s Prayers for Salvation.
  • The Prayer of Jabez.

What is the Prayer of Faith?

Prayer of faith is praying will the convention that you have prayed and all your prayers have been answered. Just like the bible say you confess God’s faithfulness and with the heart, you believe in his power to do all things.

How do You End a Prayer?

To end your prayer, you can simply say the following:

  • Amen.
  • In Jesus, Name Amen.
  • All Gods People Said Amen (This can be said when it is a general prayer).
  • To God be the Glory Forever and ever Amen.
  • Help us keep your Word in our Hearts so that we may not sin against you.

How do You Write a Short Prayer?

To write a short prayer, you can follow this step:

  • Decide why you are writing the prayer.
  • Then communicate to God with a sincere Heart.
  • Don’t be greedy with your prayers.
  • Make notes before writing a prayer in your journal.
  • Write prayers to God about your family friends and loved ones.
  • At the end of the prayer thanking God for answering it already.



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