7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Imam in November 2022

This write-up contains 7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Imam in November 2022. Our spiritual leaders deserve our prayers as much as our normal friends and family members. They also deserve to be remembered and to feel loved.

7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Imam in November 2022

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7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Your Imam in November 2022

Many people write out doing this because it looks like you are becoming too familiar with your priest. On the contrary, it helps to build a better relationship with your spiritual leader. If you want the favor to be reciprocated, send your Imam a happy new month message today.

New Month Prayers and Blessings for Your Imam

Here are sample prayer points and prayer messages you can send to your Imam on the 1st of November, 2022.

Presence OF Allah

Just as you have dedicated your time to the service of humanity, may the presence of Allah be with you wherever you go from now onwards.

More Anointing

To be more fit and dedicated to the work of Allah, you need more anointing. I pray that the anointing of Allah will never cease or stop from your life, and, you will continually be filled with strength as we enter into this new month.


You have dedicated your time, yourself, and your services to the praise of Allah and the service of Humanity. Therefore, may Allah continue to give you the grace to serve, amen.

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Prayer From Backsliding

There are temptations everywhere, but I pray that you will not backslide from the commandments of Allah. I wish you a very prosperous and gracious new month.


May you be showered with lots of grace so that when people see you, they will be moved to favor you. May Allah be with you now and forever more. Let this also apply to every member of your family.


Because you have dedicated your time to the services of humanity, may Allah provide all your needs. You and every member of your family shall not lack any good blessings of the lord and you shall be blessed with every blessing of mind and body.

Prayer from Shame

May you be shielded from any means of shame. Whatever people will use to laugh at you, may it be lifted from you. You will find favor in the areas of your need and good health will not cease from your house. Happy new month sir.

Personal Prayer for The New Month

Apart from the prayers, you make for others, you ought to make some prayers for yourself too. If you do not have time to shut down and make proper prayer, some simple declarations will do you great good. If you need some sample declarations, take a look at some of these below;

  • In this new month., I receive higher thoughts to help me break free. I receive blessed ideas that are life-changing and transformational. the lord fills my mind with the things that can make me free and sit amid kings and royalties. I receive ideas that can change my financial status.
  • In this new month, I ask that the angels of the lord will help me break through divinely. I will receive divine visitation and intervention in all my adverse situations. I lack nothing. Money meets money in my hands. I will make very tangible progress this month and I shall prosper in all that I do. I am lifted at all sides.
  • In this new month, I shall be amazed by the lord. I shall receive pleasant surprises. Even in the time that I expect it least, help will come for me. People will go out of their way to favor me. I shall be filled with joy because God will show up and show off for me.
  • In this new month, I will not labor in vain. I shall receive double honor; I will not work like an elephant and eat like an ant. I will be greatly appreciated and rewarded in all that I do, amen.
  • In this new month, I shall receive a change of status. Things will change for me, everywhere I go, I shall shine and everything hard for others will be simple for me.

These are some of the declarations, you should make for yourself in the month of November 2022.

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New Month Prayers and Blessings for the Month of November 2022

It is the beginning of another month and it is very necessary to pray. New months mark the beginning of new seasons and eras. Therefore, every new month has to be committed to the hands of God from the onset. Here are some types of prayers you should make for the month of November;

Prayer of Thanksgiving

if you want a better life in the month of November, you have to be grateful for all that happened in the month of October. In this prayer, you have to thank God for the following;

  • life, faith, family, friends and peace
  • job, business, country, and neighborhood;
  • safety from evils and dangers that you could have been victims of

Prayer of Abundance

This is a prayer you should make to receive the best of your desires. In this prayer, ask for all the heavenly blessings you need. Ask for Ideas, favor and call your needs by their names


If you are not in love with your present level, it is very necessary you pray for a new level. Pray for a breakthrough in all your endeavors this month. This prayer should be made for areas like your career, academics, goals, calling or assignments, family members, marriage, friends, etc.


Most of the steps we don’t take, we refuse to take because of our lack of courage, we feel like we do not have enough resources or technical know-how to chase our dreams. This new month, pray for the courage to take giant steps.


Wisdom is a virtue that everyone desires to covet. If you want to make the best decisions and get the best results, you need a very good dosage of wisdom in everything. The prayer for wisdom is a very valid prayer for the month of November. Pray for wisdom to take decisions in your career, marital life, education, etc.

Conclusively, making prayers at the beginning of times and seasons is very important. Sending good wishes and blessings to your loved ones and clergy this new month is also very important. Don’t fail to do either this new month.

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