7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in November 2022

This write-up is dedicated to revealing 7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in November 2022. Twins are some of the most adorable creatures to grace the world. If you are blessed with a set of twins in your life as children, siblings, or friends, this is the best time to send them good wishes and prayers.

7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in November 2022

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7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in November 2022

The power of prayer cannot be over-emphasized. sending them new month prayers or blessings can go a long way in making sure that they experience all the good things of life and remember you as someone who cares and prays for them.

New Month Prayers and Blessings for Your Favorite Twins

Note that, prayers bring good fortune your way too. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whom you pray for, you will surely get your dose of the blessings of God. Without further ado, here are some sample prayer points you can send to your favorite twins or all the set of twins you know in the month of November.


I pray for you this month of November that you will be forever connected to your twin. Nothing shall bring separation between the both of you in the name of Jesus. You both will live and prosper and remain in Unity. The happy new month my favorite twins.

Long Life and Prosperity

I wish you the very best. I wish you long life and prosperity and I wish you an enjoyable life too. Nothing shall make this life unbearable for you. You shall not die before your time; you shall live long in good health and prosperity. May the joy of the lord envelope you. I wish you a happy new month.

Prayer against Enemies

So many people are against the existence of twins to this very day. Everyone striving to take your life this month will not be successful in the name of Jesus. You and your twin shall live to see the end of your destined days. The eyes of the enemies shall be blind to you in Jesus’ name.


I pray for growth in all that you do this new month. I know you have goals for the year 2022. I pray that you receive the grace to fulfill your goals in the name of Jesus. I pray for continuous growth in your life and all your endeavors, amen. I wish you a happy new month.

Divine Favor

By the virtue of being my beloved, I wish you divine favor in all that you do. You will always be led to the right people and you will always be favored in the month of November and beyond in Jesus’ name.

Guidance and Protection

May the good lord protect you from any harm throughout the month of November and all through your life. May he keep you happy and deliver you from any plot of the evil ones in the name of Jesus.

Positive Connections

May the lord give you just the number of connections needed to get to your desired and require destination. God will give you divine connections whenever and wherever help is needed. Amen.

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Prayer For the New Month for your Contacts

Generally, and without any captions and categories. Here are some sample messages you can send to your contacts on WhatsApp and Facebook come 1st November 2022.   

  • Hurray! A new month has begun. One month to excel. Enjoy the month to the fullest. Watch out for fresh opportunities. Use them passionately.
  • You’ll be successful this new month in the name of Jesus. May this month bring about forth any long-awaited blessings and leave you feeling delighted
  • It may sound corny, but it’s real: let’s start over, set fresh objectives and work toward them, stop using justifications, and pursue our true passions. How about you, partner? Let’s celebrate the new month together
  • New ideas, opportunities, and expectations are things that come with a new month. I hope you take advantage of them and have a wonderful month!
  • May your path be aligned with beauty and may your days be filled with favor. May every one of your efforts be filed with positive results. Happy new month.
  • Opportunities are hiding in unexpected places. As they say, opportunities come ready, therefore, be ready for opportunities. Happy new month.
  • From my heart, I wish you a happy new month. You will get the best this month more than anything. I pray that you never face any challenges this month of November, amen.
  • May you get joy, laughter, and blessings unlimited this month of November. May you find new reasons to rejoice every single day in the month of November.

New Month Prayers and Blessings for Your Boss

To add to this collection, here are some happy new month messages you could send to your boss in the month of November;

  • May the All-Powerful God remember you for good during this brand-new, and lovely month and grant you many blessings. Have a happy new month, boss.
  • I ask God to grant you the grace to carry out your goals and intentions for this new month. And may this new month be happy for you. My dear boss, happy new month.
  • I pray for you to have great delight, infinite bliss, and wonderful news as you begin this new month. Have a happy new month, sir
  • May God grant you a reason to grin and be joyful this new month and may His glory, blessings, and grace surround you. sir, Happy New Month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Pray for A New Month?

In a new month, it is very important that you make a prayer of thanksgiving, and ask God for mercy upon your life and divine direction.

How Do You Say the Happy New Month Prayer?

To make a very effective prayer, follow the following format

  • Adoration – A
  • Contrition – C
  • Thanksgiving – T
  • Supplication – S

To remember this format, use the word ‘ACTS’

How Do You Bless a New Month?

May you, God of all grace, who has called me into eternal glory by Christ Jesus, make me righteous, strong, and filled with peace. To God be glory and honor and praise forever and ever. I declare that happiness and prosperity shall be mine this new month and always. I pray that this new month will bring me joy and prosperity in all that I do, amen.

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