Best Convertible Car Seats for Natural Mamas

Are you searching for the best convertible car seats for natural mamas? If yes, then you are in the right place. The car seats for mamas will make them feel comfortable and balance.

Best Convertible Car Seats for Natural Mamas

Even if your baby is graduating from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat, we got you covered. Read on to know more.

Best Convertible Car Seats for Natural Mamas

When it comes to buying a car seat for your little one, you want the safest option available.

Convertible Car Seats for Natural Mamas gives you peace of mind knowing that your baby would be as safe as possible when you are driving.

However, choosing a car seat is one of the most important product decisions you will make for your child. You can either go for infant car seat or a convertible Car seat.

In this article, our main focus is best convertible car seat and how you can shop for them.

Things to Consider on Best Convertible Car Seats for Natural Mamas

For some parents, infant car seat is more convenient, since they include a base system that can be lifted in the car. While for other, using a convertible car seat from birth is ideal.

Those that prefer convertible car seat, see things to consider before shopping.

The Size

Not all convertible car seats are in the same size. You need to consider the size, most especially when you have a small car. Or when you have multiple children on car seats and boosters, size will be a major factor for you.

The Style

This aspect depends on your choice, but some models are sleeker than other.

The Longevity

How long will you use the car seat? “Children need to remain in a forward-facing seat until at least four years and as, long as seven years”, According to the national Highway Traffic Safety Association.


You will also need to consider the safety of the baby when shopping for the best convertible car seat. Safety is built into every single one, so you can look into other aspects of the seat since safety is inherent in all car seats.

What is the difference between Infant Car Seat & Convertible Car Seat?

Are you debating on which car seat to go for? There is no right or wrong choice, it all depends on your lifestyle and needs.

However, there are benefit in using an infant seat before moving to a convertible car seat.

A convertible car seat starts off rear-facing and can be converted to forward-facing. While Infant-only car seats only face the rear of the vehicle and are intended for the smallest babies.

Convertible seats can typically be used rear-facing for babies up to 40 pounds. Infant seats can only be used rear-facing for babies up to 4 to 5 pounds at minimum and have a weight limit between 22-23 pounds.

The Best Convertible Car Seat for Natural Moms

Below are the top best convertible car seats so far.

Cybex Eternis S, All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

The Cybex S is one of the best seats your child needs from birth and beyond. This car seat feature rear-facing, front-facing, and belt-positioning booster modes.

The Seat is designed for use from birth up to 120 lbs. The headrest helps to prevent the child’s head from falling forward while asleep, keeping the head and neck in a safe position. In the headrest area, there are 12 height settings for easy adjustment as your child grows.

Make sure your child has an age-appropriate seat as they grow. And this car seat is one of the best to consider.


Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Sea

This car seat is made in 2 in 1 form. It can be easily transitions from rear-facing mode to forward-facing mode as your child grows from baby to toddler.

The baby car seat is made with wicking fabrics that absorb moisture 25 percent faster and a unique breathable design, keeping baby cool and dry. It is very easy to set with Click Tight.

Simply open, thread & buckle, click it closed. Plus, easy-read level indicators and a quick-push recline help you find the proper angle for your vehicle and most comfortable fit for your child.


Disney Baby Grow and Go All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

This is an amazing car seat made in 3 in 1 form. It helps supports infants from five pounds to toddlers of 40 pounds and also toddlers 22 to 65 pounds. It also supports children 40o to 100 pounds.

The car seat is three-position recline, which make it easy to get a good fit in your car. It comes with the harness held back. With harness, it is easy to get your child in and out of the seat.

It is also quick fit harness for easy adjustment of both harness and headrest in 1 simple step.


Safety 1st Grow Convertible Car Seat

This car seat comes in different color and it is built to grow for extended use through 3 stages. The first one is rea-facing 5 to 40 lbs. The second is the forward facing which is 22 to 65 lbs., and belt positioning boosting 40 to 100 lbs.

This is a very comfortable car seat that provides up to 7 inches of additional leg room in rear-facing mode, permitting kids to ride more comfortably up to the max rear-facing limit.


Evenflo All4One DLX 4-In-1 Convertible Car Seat

This convertible car seat is offering 10 years of reliable use from rear-facing to harness to forward-facing and more. Additionally, high-back booster to no-back booster for children weighing from 4 to 120 lb., the Evenflo All4One DLX 4-in-1 Car Seat is the versatile choice.

When you are driving or rolling along the road and you can’t see your child, this car seat sends real-time message to your phone. It alerts you to potentially unsafe conditions in the car, including unexpected chest clip unbuckling, unsafe temperature in the car, and child seated too long.


GRACO TriRide 3 in 1

This combination of the most rigorous crash tests helps to protect your child in frontal, side, rear & rollover crashes.

The you can adjust the height of the 10-position headrest and harness in one motion with the simply safe adjust harness system.

It is easy to read level indicator helps eliminate installation guesswork. Seat pad is comfortable and machine washable.


Evenflo EveryFit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This car seat has been engineered for maximum comfort, safety, and longevity. It accommodates your child by adjusting to multiple positions, allowing kids to ride rear-facing beyond 2 years of age-without extending the seat.

The innovative air flow mesh fabrics are designed to keep your child cool. It is easy to slide no-rethread harness straps can adjust as your child grows without uninstalling the car seat.


Cosco Onlook 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This car seat accommodates infants from 5 pounds up to toddlers weighing 40 pounds in rear-facing mode and kids up to 40 pounds in forward-facing mode.

The five-point harness adjusts easily from the front of the seat and features six heights and three buckle locations.



Can You Use A Convertible Car Seat From Birth?

Yes, convertible car seats designed for an infant’s specific height and weight are safe to use, provided they are rear-facing and installed properly.

Is An Infant Car Seat Safer Than A Convertible?

These new results show that for kids around age 1 that convertible seats may provide some additional protection over an infant seat in protecting a child’s head. Safety outweighs inconveniences. Yes, moving to a fixed rear-facing seat means you lose the convenience and portability of the infant carrier.

Does Graco Use Flame Retardants?

Graco: Generally, the fabric and filling materials utilized on Graco’s car seats are treated with halogenated and/or phosphorus-based flame retardant chemicals in order to meet federal regulations.

Which Maxi-Cosi Is Flame Retardant Free?

The only Maxi-Cosi car seat that doesn’t contain flame retardants is the Maxi-Cosi Mico Max Plus infant car seat in the color Onyx Bliss. Additionally, other colors of the Mico max plus do contain chemical flame retardants.

What Type Of Car Seat Do You Need To Leave The Hospital?

As for newborns, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that all infants should ride in a rear-facing car seat or rear-facing convertible car seat only from the moment they leave the hospital until they’re at least 2 years old.



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