Procter Internship 2022 – Procter & Gamble (P&G) Internship

Make a decision today to become a P&G Inernee. The Procter Internship program 2022 is open for applications. Procter company is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Hence, the Procter Internship program is a gateway into a company.

Procter Internship 2022

Procter Company is an FMCG multinational company, it takes delivery of goods to consumers in many countries. The Procter Internship program is for International students around the globe regardless of nationality.

The Procter internship program is open to applicants having any Nationality as mentioned earlier and there is no highest CGPA or IELTS Required. It simply means that any student can apply. This is indeed an opportunity to maximize this year.

About Procter Internship Program

The 2022 intake of the Procter Internship program will accept about 500 new internees to join the P&G Company.

Successfully selected internees will be made to work alongside great managers who will invest in their development and provide feedback to help them grow and improve.

Procter Internship is a well-known Internship that offers a range of amazing internships, traineeships, apprenticeships, and co-ops for individuals who are interested in business management, marketing, finance, IT, science, engineering, and more.

Asides from internships, Procter & Gamble (P&G) also offers student programs and early career opportunities.

Summary of Procter Internship program

  • Name of Organization: P&G
  • Level of Study: Undergraduates, Graduates
  • Location of Placement: Global
  • Number of interns: 500
  • Internship Duration: Six weeks – Twelve Months
  • Deadline: Not specified
  • Eligible Procter Internships Fields: The following fields will be offered by the P&G Company to all international applicants:


Finance and Accounting

Brand Management


Business Administration

Information Technology

Supply Chain Logistics 

How to Apply for the Procter Internship program

Kindly follow the brief step below to apply for the Procter Internship program:

  • Visit the P&G Internship Website at:
  • Once the site is opened, select your country and type of opportunity at P&G.

Why Choose P&G?

P&G gives you the platform to embark on projects that allow you to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways while growing your skills. The following are also some of the benefits of the internship

  • Experience
  • Global Business
  • Full-Time Potential
  • Leadership Development
  • Networking Building
  • Senior Exposure
  • Hands-on experience, development of leadership mentality

Activities of Internees

  • When the internship commences, the students are made to work on business-critical assignments that make a lasting impact on the company.
  • Students will be involved in managing marketing budgets, meeting face-to-face with the company’s biggest customers, turning scientific research into innovative products, and lots more.

Best of luck!




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