7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in December 2022

The month of November is coming to an end and we look forward to welcoming a new month, which is the month of December.

7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in December 2022

Just the perfect time to show how much you appreciate persons present in your life. This person could be your close or far relation or friend, even your twin with whom you share seminaries.

An expression of application and deep affection can be shown either in words or actions. Hence, sending words of prayers to your twin would show a deep form of your love. This article, however, promises to make your thought of expressing your good intentions to your twin a reality by giving you a list of 7 happy new month prayer points to send to twins in December 2022.

7 Happy New Month Prayer Points to Send Twins in December 2022

Words have a way of working actively in the life of people. Thus, the need of saying the right prayer cannot be over-emphasized. You can simply check the list of the 7 happy new month prayer points to send twins in December 2022 outlined below:

Happy New Month Prayer of Unity

There is a common saying about unity. It says united we stand and divided we fall! My dear, in this new month, I pray that you shall live in unity with your twin and all those around you and far from you. You shall see no division in anything you set your heart to do. Happy New Month My dear.

New Month Prayer of Blessings

The Bible says the blessing of the lord makes him rich and adds no sorrow. This month, I pray God’s blessings fall on your dwelling and wherever you find yourself. You will be blessed beyond measure. In the name of Jesus, you shall experience an overflow of God’s blessings. Happy New Month my twin my pride!

Prayer of Long Life

Happy New Month my dear. In this new month and beyond you shall be satisfied with long life and prosperity. With long life shall God satisfy you, it shall be a long life with peace and love and unity. A happy new month once more.

New Month Prayer of Favour

In this new month and beyond you shall find favour before God and before men. You shall be favoured on every side and my dear where people are rejected will be where you will be accepted in the name of Jesus. Happy New Month!

Happy New Month Prayer of Peace

There is something called peace of mind and when it is there you care less about whatever you go through in life. This is my prayer for you that the peace of the lord is activated in your lives. Sorrow, pain and anxiety shall be far from your dwelling. Happy New Month my love!

Prayer for Promotion

I pray this prayer for you this month and beyond that you shall be promoted in all you do. You shall be blessed all around in your activities. You shall have every reason to be thankful for God’s goodness in your life. Happy New Month my people.

New Month Prayer of Mercy

In this new month and beyond you shall experience God’s mercy and the love of God for you two shall see no barriers. Happy New Month my dear!

To whom Should I Send a Happy New Month Message?

Expression of care and love should go to everyone around you. This simply means you should not limit it to just family or friends, because the bible says, you love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Should I Send Happy New Month Wish to Just Those I Know?

Likely yes. This is because those you know will be able to detect the send and reach out to them also. However, you can send it to those whom you don’t know as there is no bad intention to your wishes.

How Do You say the Happy New Month Prayer?

Well, when saying an effective prayer, the first thing to do, first gives thanks, then seek means, then ask and give thanks again for prayer answered. Follow the format below:

  • Adoration – A
  • Contrition – C
  • Thanksgiving – T
  • Supplication – S

With the above, you will be able to make an effective prayer!

What Do You Pray for in a New Month?

There are lots of things to consider when making prayers for a new month. Some of these include good health, protection, growth, long life, and lots more.


There is no limit to how much you can show care and appreciation. So, it is important you take advantage of any opportunity you have even if it’s a new month wish.



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