GTA 6 Leak Just Gave Fans A Look at the Main Character

GTA 6 Leak Just Gave Fans A Look at the Main Character and many more. In what we call the biggest leak in video game history, someone posting under the handle “teapotuberhacker” has dropped over 90 video clips from the most anticipated upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto VI” on GTA Forum.

GTA 6 Leak Just Gave Fans A Look at the Main Character

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GTA 6 Leak Just Gave Fans A Look at the Main Character

Not only has the leak authenticity been confirmed by Rockstar, the leaked content’s authenticity according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, but the leaker happens to claim that they had some extra data that they would be releasing soon, which includes game source code and assets.

The dozens of leaked videos revealed a lot of details about “Grand Theft Auto VI,” not the least of which is the main character. The info is followed by other notable revelations concerning the title which includes a possible change to how the game’s inventory system would work, as well as the ability for you to customize cars to a level that players are not offered.

At the core of it all, however, there would be the iconic gameplay – namely the ability to run around causing chaos and havoc wherever you go.

The Data Dump Confirms Insider Claims

The content that was Leaked seemingly confirms a report Schreier had published on Bloomberg concerning the next “GTA” installment scheduled to arrive in July 2022 – namely, that one of the lead characters is female and Latina. The newly leaked content build upon that, giving us the first name for this character: Lucia. The clips show the character causing mayhem in the fictional world, which includes robbing a restaurant, getting right into a confrontation with the police, and even hijacking the police cruiser to initiate a high-speed chase.

There are still tons of information concerning this character that is yet to be revealed, and not all of the leaked footage is particularly interesting unless you enjoy seeing debugging data, game code, and character animation rigging, that is.

The leak offers the fans a solid visual of the upcoming title, though one no doubt at a subpar quality compared to what those who have high-end gaming hardware can likely expect from the polished release version of the game.

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Rockstar Expanding

The leak also did suggest that Rockstar has taken some feedback to heart and has started attempting to expand its iconic game to be more inclusive. That is also in line with the Bloomberg report which cited insiders that had claimed that the company would be careful to avoid presenting content that “punches down” on in-game Characters that belong to marginalized groups.

Of course, the fans are familiar with the game and might even wonder just how rockstar would manage to strike a balance between maintaining the game’s crude nature while also embracing more progressive handling of its core elements.

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