10 Best Paying Jobs in Apparel/fashion Industry 2022

This article will give a detailed explanation of the 10 best Paying Jobs in Apparel/fashion Industry 2022. Are you a lover of fashion and style? There are lots of ways with which you can earn a very decent income with fashion design.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Apparel/fashion Industry 2022

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10 best Paying Jobs in Apparel/fashion Industry 2022

There are so many areas in the fashion world to consider. Even if you do not want to be interested in the creativity part of the industry for productions, you can always get into the financial section of the fashion or apparel industry.

To get into the fashion or apparel industry, you will have to develop some sets of skills, these skills will be discussed in this article.

What is the Apparel Industry?

The apparel industry is an industry that deals with the production of all types of fabrics for clothing.

The  Job of an apparel or fashion designer is to be creative and to come up with various ideas for new clothing designs.

These people also decide on prices for the clothing collections and also make research new and trending clothing designs.

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Duties of the Fashion and Apparel Industry

What exactly makes the apparel industry relevant? The list below outlines some of the major duties of a fashion designer.

  • A fashion designer creates designs for clothes collections
  • The apparel industry decides on the price for collections of clothes and accessories
  • Designers in the industry makes research for new fabrics and provide ideas for new designs
  • These designers create sketches with their hands, for new ideas on what types of dresses they should sew/create.
  • Fashion designers create and promote different types of clothing.

These are the major duties of fashion or cloth designers.

High Paying jobs in the fashion industry

There are so many lucrative jobs in the fashion industry, one of which is the designer. Fashion designers have different roles and they are named according to their roles. Take a look at the classifications below

Footwear designer

A footwear designer’s skills are based on the creation of shoes. This is someone who creates new footwear designs and produces footwear.

Apparel designer

The major job of an apparel designer is to create and come up with new ideas for clothing, and footwear.

Haute couture Designer

An haute couture designer is a professional who specializes in the creation of high-class or extravagant dresses for the elites in society.

 Accessory Designer

An accessory designer creates new designs for bags, shoes, jewelry, and hats.

Mass market designer

There has to be someone who markets designs. That’s the major function of a mass-market designer. This individual produces and creates designs and makes them available to people at prices that are affordable.

Lucrative Jobs in the Fashion industry

The list below contains some of the highest-paying jobs in the fashion industry


The average annual salary of a stylist is $48,846.

These people work in diverse settings and with different types of people; from retail stores to fashion shoots, they style a large number of different events during the day. Apart from shoots, they also work on a one-on-one basis with celebrities and professionals.

To attain success as a fashion stylist, you’ll need a great sense of detail and excellent communication skills. These will help you get a good understanding of your client and their expectations.

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Fashion Designer

The average annual salary of a fashion designer is $75,810.

This profession is for people who have fashion creative flair and artistic talent.

Fashion designers are usually the mastermind behind the brand that they work for. These people are tasked with creating entire fashion collections each season and they overseas fashion projects from start to finish

Public Relations Manager

The average annual salary of these experts is $60,834 per year

Fashion public relations managers are people who direct the public relations and communications departments of a company. They ensure that the positive reputation of a fashion company is upheld.

These people are responsible for overseeing and executing certain public relations strategies. Their duties often involve building relationships with media outlets to promote the brand.

Fashion PR managers are also in charge of overseeing the marketing and PR calendars, media target lists, and press kits developed by members of their teams.

E-commerce Manager

The fashion business sector is as important as the production sector. This is why these managers are important.

The average annual salary of E-commerce managers is $64,944.

These people oversee the online sales presence of a retail organization, with the ultimate goal of building more sales. Their regular responsibilities also include reviewing sales data and inventory levels, creating pricing strategies, and planning promotional campaigns.

These people are also in charge of improving the online shopping experience of their online shoppers. This may involve working with other departments, such as the development and marketing teams, and developing search engine optimization strategies.

Brand Manager

The average annual salary of a brand manager is $66,023.

Their major duty is to oversee the maintenance and creation of a company’s image with the major goal of attracting and retaining customers.

These people collaborate with the creative, marketing, and product development teams to make sure that all launches adhere to the value and message of a brand.

Brand managers are in charge of managing and signing off on the production of content for promotions basis, such as advertisements, email campaigns, and websites.

With their skills and experience, fashion brand managers also use market research to determine the major areas a company should invest in based on the spending habits and the needs of customers.

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Marketing Manager

The average annual salary of these experts is $67,216.

These professionals are in charge of managing the marketing procedures of a fashion company. Marketing is one of the most important areas of the growth of a company. This is because it deals directly with drawing customers to the company for purchases.

These people are in charge of managing marketing campaigns, branding efforts, and their results. They also work with the branding team in developing of ideas like logos and packaging designs.

Account Executive

The average annual salary of Account executives is $68,239.

The major responsibility of account executives is promoting retail chains or designer brands to help increase sales.

Account executives are responsible for setting sales and revenue goals. They analyze trends to improve the sales strategy of a brand.

Merchandising Manager

The average annual salary of a merchandising manager is $69,407 per year.

The major duty of these managers is to make decisions regarding the stock, prices, and presentation of products at retail stores.

They are in charge of maintaining the visual appearance of a store, coordinating sales promotions, and checking inventory levels.

These merchandising managers are also in charge of conducting market research and analyzing customer data.

This research are used to help them decide what perfect vendors to purchase products from or determine which products are more marketable in their store.


The average annual salary of these people is $70,334 per year.

These people study the latest fashion trends and work with retail or department stores to choose the types of products to be sold in their stores.

Buyers are required to attend trade shows and fashion shows to meet with designers and find products.

They take the price, quality, and customers’ habits into consideration before selling products to stores.


The average annual salary of these professionals is $70,591 per year.

A fashion editor-in-chief is in charge of overseeing digital or print publications and making the final decisions on publications.

They are also in charge of managing employees like the staff of editors and writers. They make hiring decisions and oversee the budget of publications.

A fashion editor-in-chief is a representative of their publications.

Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designing is a very lucrative job having an average annual salary of $75,810.

Fashion designers are usually the mastermind behind the brand that they work for. These people are tasked with creating entire fashion collections each season and they overseas fashion projects from start to finish.

What are the Basic Requirements Needed to Work in the Apparel/Fashion Industry?

The qualifications needed for this industry are not as steep as that of other more sophisticated industries like finance, although they collide in several areas. To work in the apparel/fashion industry, you need at least a degree in the fashion industry or a related subject.

Fashion might be considered an art but at the same time it is also a career that requires professionals and that is the major reason why you need to have a degree.

Qualifications to work in The fashion Apparel Industry

It is very necessary to get the right education as it is very important for the best jobs in apparel.

The list below contains some qualifications needed for the fashion and apparel industry;

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Associate degree in fashion design
  • Bachelor’s degree in fashion

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What are the Important Courses Needed for the Apparel/Fashion Industry?

The following courses below are the most important courses to study in the fashion and apparel industry;

  • Fashion illustration
  • Fashion marketing
  • Cad ( computer-aided design)
  • Elements of fashion and design
  • Pattern Making
  • Fashion ornamentation
  • Clothing culture and communication
  • History of costume
  • Art and design
  • Merchandising,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apparel/Fashion a Good Career Path?

Of course, it is. This industry is one of the most active and promising industries in the world today. It has thousands of career opportunities for all levels of professionals.

One of the best parts of working in this industry is that most of the best-paying jobs in the apparel industry do not require sophisticated and long-term educational programs.

What are Fashion business management jobs?

Some of the jobs carried out by graduates of fashion business management are;

  • Fashion Product Manager
  • Fashion Market Manager
  • Fashion Business Advisor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Fashion Marketing Consultant
  • Fashion Brand Manager
  • Chief Merchandise officer
  • Retail Manager
  • Commercial Director

What is the average Salary for Fashion business Management Jobs?

Fashion business management jobs have an average annual salary of $55,747. On a monthly basis, the average salary is $4,645.

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