GTA 6 Development Update Surprised Us

GTA 6 Development Update Surprised Us the fans with everything we were expecting. Right after a drought at the well of updates on the new GTA title, Take-two finally decides to release a statement on the game’s progress.

GTA 6 Development Update Surprised Us

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GTA 6 Development Update Surprised Us

For quite a while, we have been waiting on GTA 6 for a while now, and I do not just mean consoles. It has been almost 10 years ever since GTA 5 was released, and players that picked it up at launch have birthed entire families since then. Although it is fair to say that gamers that are waiting for the elder scrolls 6 have had it a bit worse, going on a decade-and-counting since Skyrim’s debut.

And that is why we love financial updates from publishers. They have to update its suits with money about what they are up to, and we comb through it all for juicy nugs you’ll care about. Take-two interactive has recently just dropped its latest update that stated that GTA 6 development is “well underway”. It also teases new “creative benchmarks” for the GTA series, the gaming industry, and “for all entertainment”. Which are some huge claims.

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Talking the Talk

Now, Take-Tow is only reiterating what GTA developer Rockstar has stated. Back in February, the studio assured the fans that GTA 6 is “well underway”. This seems to have been in response to the repeated questions that GTA 5 players, who have finally started mooing about it rather than just having nothing to say to them.

Rockstar addressed the “unprecedented longevity” of GTA 5 at that time, right before the current state of development. As well as take-two cementing that GTA 6 is ticking along, it has made some bold claims in terms of what the game is turning out to be.

Given that we are probably looking at a 2024 GTA 6 release date, the title would most likely launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS 5. This new hardware should open up possibilities when it comes to graphics, performance, and gameplay that would place it a world away from GTA 5. And if the rumors that we would not be seeing an Xbox One or PS4 version is true, the title would not be hampered by previous gen consoles.

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GTA 6 Features and more

While nothing more official has been shared, Rockstar employees have recently placed a few tidbits out into the world. GTA 6 is expected to reportedly feature multiple cities including Vice City. It is set to be the biggest GTA title ever, as a matter of fact, we have seen how take-two is comfortable making those claims.

We would be seeing a GTA 6 Female Protagonist for the very first time, insiders have stated although she is said to be part of a Bonnie and Clyde-Esque duo rather than being the solo star.

While it is jumping the gun to take the marketing spiel as indicative of the final product, these are all positive that suggest GTA 6 would be making some major strides, especially when compared to GTA 5.

At the moment, we have rounded up games like the GTA to Play while waiting for GTA 6 that you can browse through. It is worth you noting that it does include the saint’s row reboot which would be coming out on August 23.

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