Google Meet is Getting a Major Security Upgrade

Google Meet is Getting a Major Security Upgrade and this would change a lot of things. Maintaining your Google Workspace data and keeping it safe would become a lot easier after the platform announced one of its most-used tools which would be getting a significant security boost.

Google Meet is Getting a Major Security Upgrade

Google Meet would now receive client-side encryption, offering an extra layer of security to help safeguard your video calls and the content that you share inside it.

The change here should mean that users of the video conferencing service would receive “direct control” of their data, and the encryption keys that is used to keep this safe – with not even Google itself having access.

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Google Meet Encryption

Google stated that meet already encrypts all user data while at rest and whilst in transit between its facilities, with client-side encryption going a step beyond in allowing users to gain direct control of their encryption keys and the identity service that they decide to make those keys authentic.

The tool potentially could be useful for all those calls that require some extra level of confidentiality, the company stated, such as discussions that regard sensitive intellectual property or taking place in highly regulated industries where compliance is the key here.

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Another Significant Milestone

You can describe the update as “another significant milestone”, Google stated that the move would also be offering users “The highest degree of protection and control over their data”.

It also adds that activating the change also would mean that even Google itself would not be able to access audio and video content, “under any circumstances”, also it helps meet regulatory compliance in a lot of regions.

Client-side encrypted calls also would only start when the organizers arrive, with early-joining users needing to wait till they arrive. Google also stated that some functions that require server-side processing or parsing of call media would not work, such as the likes of cloud-based noise cancellation or even closed captions.

“Bringing Client-side encryption to Meet is another major significant milestone in Google Workspace’s industry-leading encryption work, that is offering our users the highest degree of protection and control over their data,” a Google Workspace update blog post announcing the news said.

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Workspace Client-side Encryption

Workspace Client-side encryption for Meet would be coming to web users first, with support for meeting rooms and mobile devices that are yet to come. At the moment, only internal participants in your workspace organization can get invited to the new secure calls, with Google stating that guest access would be introduced a lot sooner.

The service would now be made available to Google workspace enterprise plus, education standard, and education plus customers. However, users that are on Google workspace essentials, business starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Education fundamentals, the teaching and learning upgrade, frontline and Nonprofits, as well as the legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, would not be able to access it.

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