Government European Scholarships for International Students – APPLY NOW!

In Europe lies amazing study and work opportunities for international students. Apart from its amazing contribution to world education, this continent continues to raise the standards with the best facilities the world has to offer. This article will highlight some of the best European Government scholarships available for international students.

Government European Scholarships for International Students

If you do not have enough funds to sponsor your desired studies in Europe, read this article to the end.

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Studying in Europe

Europe is one of the best continents to complete your studies. It has a lot of countries with amazing opportunities for both traveling, living and working. The countries in Europe have attractive and appealing environments. The academic standards in Europe are high compared to other continents. This means that you will have a better excuse if you decide to study in Europe than on any other continent.

Requirements to Get a Government Scholarship in Europe

There is no general set of requirements to get a scholarship to study in Europe. One very crucial fact is that most scholarships in Europe are given based on academic excellence. If you want to find out the particular requirements for each scholarship, we urge you to visit the website of that scholarship.

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How to Apply for a Government Scholarship in Europe

Although every scholarship has its own set of requirements there are some similarities. Below we have given some steps and tips you should take when you are applying for a scholarship in Europe;

  • Search for the right source. Make sure that your application is made on the main website of the scholarship to avoid getting scammed or wasting your time.
  • Pick out scholarships and research their various information ineptly to know if you meet the criteria for the scholarship.
  • Make sure all the documents are prepared in a very organized form.
  • Some scholarships may require that you take a language proficiency test and write a letter to show your intentions. If the test is a major requirement, you will have to score a reasonably high score to qualify for the scholarship.
  • Stand out in the best way possible. Most of these scholarships are free to apply for so you do not have to worry about the cost.

These are very valuable tips to take if you want to get a scholarship in Europe.

Scholarships in Europe for International Students 2022

Just as we promised at the beginning of this article, at this point, we will be giving you details about the top 5 Government scholarships in Europe.

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Slovak Government Scholarship for International Students

This Slovak scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education, Sciences, and research of the Federal Republic of Slovak. The Slovak scholarship is meant for international students from any country in the world that would like to have a very short stay in the country, between 3 and 10 months. When you get this scholarship, you will get living costs like accommodation and food. Click on this link to know more about the Slovak scholarship.

Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship

The Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship is for every international student having outstanding academic records and who would like to go for a master’s or post-graduate program at a Flemish University. The scholarship is open to international students of all nations. When you get this scholarship, a grant that will cover accommodation costs, living expenses and a tuition fee waiver will be given to you. To know more about the scholarship, click here.

The British Chevening Scholarship

The British Chevening scholarship is one of the most popular European scholarships in the world. It is focused on the leadership potential of its applicants. The scholarship gives you an opportunity to study for a master’s degree at any university in the United Kingdom. The Chevening scholarship covers so many expenses, including tuition fees, living costs, additional grants, etc. Click here to know more about the British Chevening scholarship.

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Danish Government Scholarship for Non EU/EEA Students

This scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students that want to study in Denmark. International students will have two different offers from the government, a full tuition fee waiver and a grant to support their educational and living expenses. Click here to know more about the Danish scholarship.

DAAD Scholarship

DAAD scholarship is a scholarship for international students that would like to study in Germany. This scholarship is for graduates, doctorate, and post-doctorate students. DAAD scholarship offers a sufficient amount of funds to support international students during their stay in Germany. The grant given is not expected to be paid back. Follow this link to know more about the DAAD scholarship.

These are some of the best scholarships in Europe, providing sufficient funds and covering a lot of programs.

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